Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Behind the Wings: Hustle

Dear Readers: Okay, I'm cheating. This was composed during the week of my vacation and was supposed to be the next entry in the Behind the Wings series. But because of my lack of internets access, it was left in the draft box. I have so much I want to blog about but I'm trying to navigate this new world I find myself existing in. Honestly, I have the time to blog at work. Sssshhh, don't tell anyone. :) But I'm still trying to be on my best behavior. At least for now. LOL So please enjoy what you should have read last week.

The Resident Butterfly
Now you know I couldn't do a best of series without Hustle. For those that are new to the site (i.e. my family - heyyyyy), Hustle is a guy that I've been dating for about a year. He's not my man/boyfriend/exclusive significant other. He and I are the walking wounded when it comes to relaysheeships. As my friends, fans, stalkers and stans know I've written about him a lot, primarily because he is so damn funny. And because he has his own set of fans and stans on this site (Goooo Team Hustle...NOT! hahahahaha)

I first wrote about him in July of 2007 in my first post breakup dating story. While that wasn't our first date, I felt it was time to start writing about my dating experiences. And besides all that breakup emotional shit gets old and repetitive really quickly. I was moving on. It's funny. I don't even remember what happened to the other dude I wrote about. But for some reason, Hustle is still around. My friends have their theories about us. But theories are meant to be disputed and refuted.

In a stranger twist that even my overly active creative mind couldn't come up with is the fact that he reads my blog. I have no idea how long he'd been reading but he let me know that he thought a date I went on was hilarious one day via text . Of course I wrote about the experience. I was mortified then and it's still something I struggle with. It's one thing to want an audience to read and appreciate your work. But it's another to actually know someone in that audience is going to what to discuss and disect what you say. Especially when you are invested in that person. In preparing this best of series and reading everything I have posted since November of '06, I realize that once I knew he was reading, I'm not as candid with my dating stories. I don't hide them but I'm always aware that he may be reading so I do censor stuff or delay writing about this other side of my life. I know this ventures into some serious shades of charcoal grey but this is the life I've created for myself for the time being. And yes, he's still reading (and has even commented! Twice. HA!). I got a lecture on Sunday about documenting going to the grocery store with no panties. The old man thinks he's my pops! HA!

We have what others may view as relationship tendencies. He leaves me in his apartment. I still have friends who question me about that and cram to understand how I attained this right when he and I are not in a relationship. I can't explain why. Mostly, it's out of necesity (mornings and I are currently engaged in the 100 year War and I am oh so slow to the daily battle) and he should know by now that I'm not a snoop. I respect him and vice versa. He's pissed me off. Just a handful of times. But once, I was soooo pissed I sat and wrote about it. In his apartment. On his laptop. Of course weeks later, he brings it up. Just by quoting a line from what I wrote about the incident. I blush. He laughs. But we discuss it. And keep pushing the cart through the aisles of Costco.

My favorite Hustle post is the Questionaire. It was my first two part post, and to me its simply hilarious. This is quintessential Hustle to the max. His questions and my answers are typical banter between us. Say what you may about what we are. One of my friends actually called us Big & Carrie one night after a party. I think she was drunk. I know I was. LOL But on the real, we aren't Big & Carrie ( I still don't have a laptop or the Manolos). I am me and he is he. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


rashad said...

You and the Hustle man continue to be the exception and not the rule. Dating for a year without commitment is rarefied air. cherish it.

Eve said...

I was NOT drunk!!!!!

£ex said...

janelle i'll have you know that i sat down with an apple and a glass of water to read this. :) 12:59 am when i should be in bed but instead im reading ur thoughts and loving every minute of it!

as far as you and hustle...girlll

it is my uneducated guess that you are more to each other than you let on. but what do i know?

oh yeah. i know this, i'll be up in your blog reading when you finally admit it. :P

Eve said...

Co-sign with the previous poster! And lemme say it again: I WAS NOT DRUNK!!!! I was the most sober, and I know what I saw: The two of them, hand in hand, walking to the ride...TRES Carrie & Big!
Imma need Will to c-sign on this with me...

Miss BB is... said...

Team Hustle...all day!!! *waves at Hustle...and he'on even know me*


Janelle said...

rashad: thank you for recognizing exactly what it is.

eve: Well, I was drunk so I thought everyone else at my bday party was too. LOL

Lex: Thank you for abandoning sleep just for me. ("they like me. they really like me." LOL) But ummm, there you go jumping on the bandwagon of my friends (how you gonna take their side?! LMAO)! As Rashad would say, that's just racist! LOL

Eve (again): Let the record show, ya'll got me SERIOUSLY stupified for my bday (as God intended...LOL) so someone had to hold me up so I didn't fall flat on my face outside the venue. And I wasn't wearing Manolos so boo to your Carrie & Big analogy. LMAO

Drenna: the team hustle reference was just for you. He wants tee shirts made. LOL