Sunday, March 30, 2008

Put that in ur blog......

This was the dare I received from Hustle last week. To give some background info, we were engaged in a spirited email conversation (are you surprised??? hahahaha). This time the conversation was not about being convicted of murder without a body (a crowd favorite). This time the conversation was about relationships. Now before you start sending out "Save the Dates" and dragging me to a bridal shop kicking and screaming to try on a dress, this was not one of those "where is this going/what are we doing" conversations. Far from it. Very very far. It started with an email forward he sent to me about a woman telling a man that she's dating EXACTLY what she is looking for in a relationship. Its pretty lengthy but basically she told him that she was looking for a smart, spiritual, finacially stable partner that she can be submissive to (more biblical, less pornographic...hahahaha). I replied that the email was interesting but it would have been more interesting if the woman would have posed the same question to the man and then he in turn outline what he was looking for in a mate to give the male perspective. So Hustle in his infinite male wisdom takes this as a challenge and says that he can give the male perspective on relationships. Oh dear! What have I gotten myself into? Lets just say, Hustle's views on relationships is comical at best and pessimistic at worst. So he comes up with a list of questions which, according to him, if I could answer yes to all of the questions. I am indeed "a catch" and I "will never be lonely".

From the first question I was cracking up. Hustle, like me, has a very warped sense of "relaysheeships", marriage and kids specifically. Hence, why I think we get along so well and what made the questions so damn funny. Despite the fact that my girl Eve calls us Carrie and Big, we are pretty clear and therefore content in the space where we exist in the absence of a "relaysheeship". So I sat there and did a mental checklist through his list of 25 questions (slightly more inquisitive than 50 cent..hahahahah). We had a mini debate on the validity of a few of the questions but all in all, it was quite an excercise. However, I never doubted that I'm "a catch". Just not ready to be caught. Not to toot my own horn but I'm cute, curvy, witty, intelligent, grounded, friendly, loving, loyal, sensual, sensitive, and.......TOOT TOOT!!!! You get the point. hahahahahahaa

I know some of the questions were posed just to spark more debate (or "foreplay" as he calls it) while others I really think he wanted to ask me just to make sure we're on the same page when it comes to "relaysheeships". Every couple of months he needs to check and make sure. Kind of like that "Change Oil by [this] date or [this many] miles" sticker on your windshield. I think he expects me to wake up one morning and demand more from him. I don't see it happening. At least not for the next 3,000 miles.

So you may be wondering "what are the questions?" I will live up to the dare and post the questions and my answers. Tomorrow. No I haven't chickened out. Why would I go through the trouble of writing this much about it if I were going to punk out and NOT post the questions??? His questions, plus my answers, annnnd what I've written thus far makes for an extremely lonnnnnnnnnnnng entry. And besides I've never done a Part Deux blog. So I'm trying something new. I have accepted Hustle's mission. And no, this message will not self distruct in 9 seconds. hahahahahahahaa


rashad said...

This entry is a big ass tease man..and y'all are a couple, you can't lie to me and your readers anymore.

Janelle said...

Yes Rashad. We are a couple. A couple of love haters who hang out togehther spewing our love hate-isms every chance we get...hahahahahahhaaaa