Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For the past 24 hours I've been in a funky mood. Well, maybe not the ENTIRE 24 hours(caught a great sale yesterday) but all day right below the surface of my facade there's been an underlying feeling of pissivity (there I go making up words again..hahahahah).

And guess what triggered this funky mood??? My governor. Yes, the entire world world knows that Elliot Spitzer has been cold busted with his hand (and other body parts) in the Happy Hooker cookie jar. The cheating on his wife part doesn't even bother me (which in and of itself is cause for concern and makes me wonder if I'm turning over to the dark side and beginning to believe the mantra that all men cheat). HOW CAN HE PRESENT HIMSELF AS A CRUSADER AGAINST CRIME AND CORRUPTION FOR ALLLL THESE YEARS AND GET MIXED UP WITH HOOKERS AND TAKING THE HOES ON TRIPS AND SHIT??? That's what disgusts me. Don't take on this role, don't wear the mask if you can't live up to it. Who the hell thought it would be a good idea for him to run solely on getting rid of crime and corruption when he in fact is obviously corrupt and has allegedly committed a crime??? Honestly, I would have rathered him slap bellies with an intern. He could have flown down to DC, had the intern take Amtrak, and gotten some exciting out of town ass without the Feds up his ass and without embarrassing the hell out of his wife and kids. While it may be immoral, it's not illegal. But nooooooo, New York's self proclaimed end to crime and corruption decides to dial-a-ho. I also wonder WHY THE HELL WAS HE CALLING FOR ASS HIMSELF??? DID HE NOT HAVE A FLUNKY ON PAYROLL TO HANDLE MUNDANE THINGS LIKE ORDERING LUNCH WITH A SIDE OF COOCH??? All of it just disgusts me. Probably more so because I voted for his hooker loving ass.
I was approached yesterday by a TV news reporter for a comment on the Dial-a-Ho Scandal. I told the reporter I didn't think it was a good idea. When he pressed further, here was my response: "I'm completely disgusted and I want my vote back. He should have just fucked an intern like all the other politicians." So clearly, I wasn't on the news last night.

Now, I realize that Governor Dial-a-ho is not the cause of my pissivity. Just the trigger. There are things that have been bothering me lately that I've but on the back burner. I guess instead of turning the stove off, I allowed them to simmer to a boil. And now I'm officially pissed. I realize that my pissivity is delayed and thereby may seem irrelevant to the offending parties. I won't examine what has been pissing me off. At least not here. Not today. I think a rant at this point would piss me off further. And the cycle of pissivity has to end somewhere.

I believe that you truly have to give into your emotion sometimes. Be pissed off. Be angry. Shout. Cry. Whatever. Just get it out and let it go. No it's not pretty, it's not polite. But it's real and it's honest to my experience at this particular moment. When I started writing this I figured I would be over my feelings of pissivity. And for the most part I'm right. Nothing's been solved. Nothing has changed. I'm over the feelings and can now focus on how to handle it in the absence of emotion. Pretty much the way New York is over Governor Dial-a-Ho.

PS: Conan O'Brien did a hilarious "commercial" for Governor Dial-a Ho last night. I've checked youtube all morning to no avail. I hope someone posts it soon because that was funny as hell and want to post it here.

11:40 am: Governor Dial-a-Ho is no longer governor of New York. As of Monday, New York will have it's first Black governor. I hate that it's shrowded this accomplishment will always be asterisked with a ho scandal.


rashad said...

allow me to take another perspective..these politician wives need to step up their freak game or some shit. they all look boring and vanilla, and while the dudes look the same, there has to be a middle ground somewhere dammit

Miko said...

I believe that Rashad is right in saying that political wives need to step up their freak game. However, I think that the politicians need to have some respect for themselves, their families, and their constituents. If we go with the Clinton model, that's what interns are for. LOL

On another note -- and a more direct comment to the actual posting -- we all need to be able to own our emotions. We've been brainwashed into thinking that if we don't acknowledge our feelings, they'll just fade away. Not true for all of them. Some have to be dealt with before you can move on. Am I saying address every wrong ever committed against you? No way! Sometimes that course of action only make bad matters worse. That's why we have blogs. :)

Love Ya!

makeba said...

What is it with this attitude, that no matter what the women have to stand by their man to save face. When will they stand up and say, no I will not stand next to him because I don't condone the act, I don't forgive him and I am human. I am so tired of seeing Spitzers's wife standing by his side, knowing she wants to rip his flipping head off, as she reads along with him as he delivers his written and probably rehearsed speech, with the stoned face that shows no remoarse. I guess in the end all I can say is the man was not the first and he surely won't be the last to committ some sort of immoral, unethical act, hell after all he is human, he just so happend to get caught.