Wednesday, March 19, 2008

As my legions of fans know, I rarely step into the ring of politics in my should be daily wonderings (yes I'm still on my Kanye with the numbers, people; work with me! hhahahahaha). It's not that I don't follow politics because I do. Faithfully. A day doesn't go by when I'm not reading, watching, and/or analyzing in my head the political game. Especially now because of the presidential race. CNN has become my lullaby as I drift off to sleep and my morning greeter when I rise(which I now realize may have been why I was filled with pissivity at Gov Dial-a-Ho for invading my dreams with all that dial-a-ho talk). For my Great Debater (Hustle) and I, politics is always on the menu. I think I shock even him with my command of the nuances of how this political game is played. HA!
I've had people question "Why don't you write about politics, the war, etc?" And my usual response is "Because I don't want to." Plain and simple. Its not that I don't care about these topics. When I sit down to write my should be daily wonderings, I go where my fingertips and keyboard take me. And what more can I add to the mix that hasn't already been said? I've become a bit of a blogwhore lately and extensively read a growing population of blogs. Many are political and say EXACTLY what I would have said on the topics if my fingertips led me in that direction.

With that said, there were 2 events today that, even after watching them, sat with me alll day and are still swimming in the pool of my mind. I take that as a I sign that maybe I should blog about it. hahahahaa
The first being Barack Obama's speech in Philadelphia in response to the remarks made by his former pastor. Before watching the speech and reading his transcript, I'd listened to what commentators had to say. Calls to "denounce his pastor" and questions of his morals and ethics were all over the media circus. Before Barack stepped on that podium and uttered a word, I was disgusted. Why should a person's morals and character be called into question because of something that someone else said? We all have people in our lives that we don't necessarily agree with their views. I have a great aunt who I love immensely who recently revealed to me at her sister's birthday party that she doesn't eat chocolate cake because she doesn't "eat anything darker than" her. Now, that is the most ignant (yes ignant) shit I have ever heard come out of her mouth. Wait, I take that back. Let's just say that's the most RECENT ignorant statement. Does that mean that I don't love her and enjoy every moment spent in her company?? Does that mean I don't eat chocolate cake too?? (Okay, so I'm not a fan of chocolate BUT I swear it has nothing to do with it being darker than me. hahahahahaa As a matter of fact, I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate if I have to have chocolate. So there! hahahahahaaha) My great aunt will be 80 years young this year. She's very fair skinned with green eyes. She grew up in a different era where her equally fair skinned aunt instilled the whole "nothing darker than me" food barometer along with other darker than "us" creeds (which my great aunt apparently didn't listen to. She's the palest one on her branch of the family tree. hahahahaha) When I called her out on the foolywag nonsense, she replied "Do you know how old I am? I ain't gonna change now! Ooooh I should beat you. You so fresh." And she was absolutely right (well not about the beating part. Do you know how old I am, Auntie??? hahahahahahaha). I wouldn't want her to change. That sliver of family history is a part of who I am. The good, the bad, and the ignorant. I'm not ashamed of it (maybe a little embarrassed) but who am I to say she has to eat foods darker than her. She still taught me life lessons that are far greater than her elimination of dark food (this still makes me laugh though..hahahahaha).

Some may argue that while I can't choose to denounce a family member (ohhh really??!), Barack could choose to denounce his pastor and worship elsewhere. Yes, that could be true but I think you should look at why he chose to stay. I've had my own religious turmoil over the years. As a Roman Catholic, I grew up with very archaic views on women that I do not agree with to this day. In my particular church, I don't agree with the clique-ish behavior and the condescending manner that some use with others in the congregation. It just so happens that I believe my pastor and I hold some of the same political views. However, I don't go to church for political fulfillment. I attend church and listen to his sermons for spiritual nourishment. While he has every right to preach whatever his heart leads him to say, I have every right to agree or disagree with his sermons and still come back the following Sunday. Yes, some churches are more political than others. And yes, some ministers use the pulpit for their own political agendas. However, the media behaves as if Rev. Wright gets up in the pulpit EVERY SUNDAY and denounces the wars this country is fighting, the treatment of black people in this country, and speculates on the cause of September 11. What about his sermons on compassion, forgiveness, and other Christian tenets?? Where are those clips on CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, etc? I see the game that's being played. You can't get any authentic dirt on Obama, so you create an Achille's heel for him by tying the words of his pastor to him.

What the hell does this have to do with the true issues at hand in this country and how Obama can deal with them? Well, after watching his speech, I saw that it had everything to do with how he would deal with adverse situations in this country. He was forceful yet respectful, eloquent without being condescending or sugary sweet. He tied the racial divide together so beautifully, I'm surprised people didn't start singing "Koom-by-ya" at the end. He interjects in every speech his audacity to hope for a better tomorrow, something he picked up from his pastor's sermon. But no one wants to focus on the good. Just the bad and the ignant (yes, ignant. hahahahhahaa)

Oh the other event I wanted to speak on?? Governor Patterson and his wife Michelle having to tell of their infidelities in a press conference today. But I'm tired. All I can say is it's a damn shame that someone would even hint at blackmailing him over such a private matter that he and his wife obviously dealt with and moved forward. But that's the political game we play, right?

Okay, I'm off to hear my lullaby put me to sleep. Nite nite.


rashad said...

Obama spoke beautifully man, and he remained as ambiguous as you can get. Tell me he didn't look presidential

makeba said...

I am so tired of politics I am too tired to make a real comment. LOL Just wanted to show my reading support.