Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My mom is home. Finally. She's not 100% but she's better than she was 2 weeks ago.

These past 2 weeks have been exhausting. Work. Hospital. Home. Repeat. (with a few distractions. Talks with friends. Brunch with friends. Dinner with friends. Debate watching with friends. Eric Roberson with friends. I heart my friends).

As I've said before there are absolutely no words to describe the outpouring of love, prayer and support that I have received over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, that doesn't reflect on me as a writer. LOL But seriously, I don't know how I would have survived through this without my family in Queens, Harlem, Tennessee and Florida (the rest can kick rocks. real talk), my beautiful gems I call friends, and everyone that stops by this page. Even though I am my mother's only child, time and time again, you reassure me that I am not alone in this world. And that touches my spirit in a way that rarely lends itself to words. Its a swirl of gratitude, love, and energy that has kept me going. I can't lie, there have been some scary moments during these past couple of weeks. Moments when my own strength failed me. It was the strength of my loved ones that picked me up and forced me to surge forward. How can I ever repay that debt??? I could fill this blog with 700 billion thank you's and it wouldn't be enough. If Wall Street gave me the estimated trillion dollars it lost yesterday, that still wouldn't be enough. (well, on second thought that could buy each of you a really nice....CARD! HAHAHAHAHAHA).

I don't think I can ever ever repay you for all that you've done over the past couple of weeks. But I'll carry this memory on my wings forever.

The Resident Butterfly


rashad said...

No thank yous necessary, you would do the same for us..or for me at least

makeba said...

I am so glad you would think of me if you had the Wall Street trillions! (smile) I will continue to keep you and your Mother in my prayers as she begins to recover.

£ex said...

wow thats great news! i'm so happy that your mom is home and doing a bit better. i hope she continues to improve. you're a great daughter. :)