Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where's my shoe?...

It appears that Latarian is at it again. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse than a 7 year old stealing his grandmomma's Durango to do "hoodrat stuff" with his friends, a friend emailed to me an article (thanks, J.) about Latarian beating up his grandmother in Wal-mart after she refused to buy him some chicken wings. Yes you read that correctly. A 7 year old boy beat up his grandmother because she, a grown ass woman, would not comply with the wishes of a child. In my over-active, hyper-imaginative mind, there is no way in hell I could have made this up if I tried.

This kind of shit scares me. Not in a I'm scared of my child kind of way. I am afraid of my reaction. My reaction would probably be to push the shopping cart out the way, wrestle him to the floor and proceed to whoop his ass right in front of the chicken wing counter for all to see. And then when someone pulled me off of him, I would have dragged him to the bathroom, and beat him some more (don't act like you never got beat in the bathroom or threatened with a beating in the bathroom while you were out in public with your parents). I would have been buying a new pair of shoes in Wal-Mart because I would have left the old ones in his ass. Yes, it may seem excessive. But I believe for the most part we saw glimpses of crazy in our parents and that fear of seeing it again pretty much kept us in check.

But where is his fear??? Fear of forever living with shoes up his ass if he ever put his hands on his grandmother??? Fear of consequences for his actions?? He's a celebrity now. He's been on TV. The police department decided not to charge him with grand theft. And according to this article, he's now at a hospital taking tests for a mental evaluation.

The last time I blogged about this topic, Hustle commented that this is a result of us allowing the government to raise our children (yes it was really him.LOL). While I don't agree with his safety pin strategy (if I see a safety pin lying around his apartment, I'm running..hahahaha), he has a point (no pun intended). It's now criminal to discipline children. Yes, there are people who have gone to far, but why should rational level headed parents be punished for disciplining their children. What is that telling the child that you as a parent have no say so and that they have all the power. Same goes for teaching. Remember when you had to write 100 times "I will not talk in class" as punishment for well..talking in class?? Well, now a teacher can lose her job and her license for that because that is considered "corporal punishment". I remember once getting a memo that forbade teachers from raising their voices at children. Are you kidding me??? A lil bass in your voice and a mean sneer were the only weapons we had as teachers and they wanted to take that away too??? In the words of Clive Davis, SHEEEEEEIIIIIIIITTTTTT (damn, I miss The Wire).

Yes, some may say it's easy for me to sit here, pass judgement and proclaim what I would do and what I wouldn't do because a) I don't have children and b) I'm not in that situation. However, while they are right, I can only imagine instilling the fear of God in my children by any means necessary. And if that means they have to walk around with a gold stiletto up their butt, then so be it. I can (and will) buy another pair.


hustle said...

amen sister
we are finally one the same page
personally i would send his ass to a third world country
that would straighten his ass out
he'd have to fight just to get a bowl of rice
not to mention that when ur bad in haiti the whole town will drop licks on ur ass
i wish a kid would hit his moms in haiti and see the consequence
and if all fails

rashad said...

i'll do hustle one better. don't send them just anywhere, send them to iraq. they can take their faux bravado over there, and see how it works for them

makeba said...

You guys got the right dayum concept! What the hell is going on with this little kid. Poor grandma she scurred, she don't want to be arrested for child abuse. How about they send me for a mental evaluation after I whip his behind the old skool way. What's so sad about these kind of situations is that the extended family (grandmas), is always left to deal with the crap the biological parents dropped off to never looked back. The extended family is the one living under a microscope for the mistakes they didn't create, trying with all their might to do what they can to keep the child in the home with kin family and yet the end result may be a removal due to behavior conditions that are off the hook which requires residential treatment! These kids don't learn until they in Rikers and hell some don't learn then....sad, sad, sad...

MackDiva said...

Honey, I say leave Latarian with my mother for one week. That would straighten him out three ways -- quick, fast, and in a hurry! It certainly worked for me and my brother. LOL