Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hold this...

Last night I was online searching for a nice traveling bag. I have my beloved chocolate brown suede Coach carry-on bag but I'm looking for a "weekender" or a "traveler" - something more stylish than a duffel bag but roomier than a tote. So as I'm perusing the sites, I came across this bag:
Cute, right?? The madras print is very in these days (at least that's all I see in the stores for the summer collection). And while I'm not looking specifically for a tote, it seems roomy enough. So what's the problem?? It's a man's bag. I found it in the Men's Section of the website. (Confession: Sometimes I look at men's clothing online a) to see what's new on the fashion scene for the fellas and b) wonder what I would purchase for my phantom significant other if there was ever a need to shop for my currently imaginary SO. weird, right??? hahahahaha) According to J. Crew's website:

Pack up your gear in a man-size tote inspired by a vintage tool bag.
Garment-washed for a worn-in look and feel. Authentic yarn-dyed cotton madras
from India.

I know men need bags to carry their belongings. But a tote bag??? I'm looking at the pictures and I'm trying to imagine the men that I know carrying a madras print tote bag. GuyGuru, would you carry a madras print tote bag??? Or what about a bag that looks like this:

I can already hear the profanity laden diatribe from Hustle if someone ever tried to give him a bag like this to carry. I just may give him the bag just to watch his reaction. (I kid, I kid...hahahahahahaaaa)

I get that men do need a bag because I'll be damned if I see a dude putting his clothes in a DuaneReade shopping bag for a weekend getaway. (Sidebar: for those unfamiliar with DuaneReade, it's a drug store here in New York that has very sturdy, very ugly white shopping bags with blue and red lettering all over the damn thing...get my point now???). But a tote??? There is nothing masculine about a tote. At. ALL.

A tote is an over sized purse. Most men I know groan or absolutely reeefuse to carry any bag that resembles anything like a purse for a woman. So now it's okay for them to carry it as long as it has their stuff in it?? And what about the shoulder straps?? The shoulder straps on a tote are made long enough to go over your shoulder but short enough to fit in that snug space under your arm and close to your torso. What is a guy supposed to do with a shoulder strap??? Ladies, can you see your guy carrying a tote up on his shoulder and holding the straps in place with his hand at the same time as he makes his way through airport security for your weekend jaunt???? Will you still respect him in the morning???

Is this a case of metrosexual gone too far or am I just over thinking the situation??? What do you think???

In a strange case of irony, I absofuckinlutely heart this bag I found on the Kenneth Cole website. Yes, in the Men's section, damnit! But so what?? What would you rather see: me looking oh so stylish carrying this bag or a guy carrying a madras tote??? Yeah that's what I thought! hahahahaaa


rashad said...

This post reeks of Morehouse and Kanye..Only that last bag stands a chance, and even then I would be shoulder strapping it up everyday. no man is putting a bag on his shoulders with two handles. and if he does, i'm willing to bet he drives VW Bug, wears sandles and listens to Ne-Yo and house music.

makeba said...

I for dayum sure can't see a man carrying any of those bags, but I like them for myself for sure. Go for the all black kenneth cole joint, it goes with everything, will never go out of style and its stylish.