Monday, June 16, 2008

When keeping it real goes wrong....

I attended my BFF, D.'s son's graduation on Saturday. He graduated from 8th grade. He's on his way to high school. We were so proud. Like us in the Fantastic Four, he attended a catholic elementary school. With the culture of violence and poor quality of education in many neighborhood public schools, he was NOT going to become a statistic in the New York City Bored of Miseducation. So off to catholic school with strict nuns he went. And of course the graduation was in a church. 2 hours. 98 degree weather. Fans, no air conditioning. But this isn't the reason keeping it real goes wrong. Here's when keeping it real goes wrong:
At the end of the ceremony, all the kids are filing out of the church, all smiles and happy. Families began to file out after them wanting to preserve the many memories of the day with snapshots. Traffic to descend the steps is backed up worse the highway near my house when the Yankees play. Once I reach the bottom of the steps into the sweltering unforgiving heat, I hear a bit of a commotion behind me. I don't pay any attention to it because I too want to capture digital memories of D.'s son in his cap and gown. A few minutes later, I was informed that the commotion I heard at the top of the stairs was a fight. Yes, a FIGHT. In a church, a few steps away from a marble basin of holy water and statues of various religious deities. And no, it wasn't the kids, it was their families. This fight was complete with fist flying, ripped shirts, and claims of "I'm on 8th Ave, bitch! You know where to find me!" Apparently, (of course we got the scoop, the 411, the bonchinche later) 2 children in the class had been having problems all year. So I guess, the families decided to settle the score once and for all at the graduation. From a catholic school. In a church. Lawwwd have mercy!!! LOL

Maybe its the fact that I grew up in the Catholic Church but does anyone else see the problem with this. First of all, how are you going to fight in church??? Fight on the corner in front of the church but not in the church!!! How are you going curse and fight in church?? Is there any place sacred anymore??? Secondly, how are you going to ruin your child's special day by embarrassing them in front of their friends and respective families?? I graduated from 8th grade ummmmm 18 years ago ( I remember everything about that day: what I wore, where my family sat, my valedictorian speech, taking pictures with family and friends afterward, having my first boy-girl party for graduation (complete with a DJ...I was supafresh! hahahahaha). Can you imagine the memories these children are left with? "My momma got her ass kicked at my 8th grade graduation" "My pops/uncle/momma's boyfriend had a fly ass suit on for my graduation but it got dirty when he wrestled so and so's father/uncle/momma's boyfriend to the ground."

I understand having beef. Hello, I grew up in what I like to call Harlem - The New Jack City Era. But settling that beef inside of a church is just wrong. I don't care how real it is.


rashad said...

That's not even keeping it real, that's just a sad state of affairs man. Those kids are scarred for like

makeba said...

That is simply ridiculous. Just shows you what type of families are creeping there way into the catholic school system! BTW, how come I did not get an invitation to the graduation party back in da day.