Monday, June 09, 2008

Say cheese......Finally!

I have been a butterfly flying from flower to flower all about town ever since I got my camera back. Yes, the infamous ordeal with Best Buy is now over. And now you, my legions of friends, fans, stalkers, and stans, can resume your shopping experience at Best Buy.
I received a voicemail from Best Buy stating something like "Ummm this message is for The Resident Butterfly. We ummmm have your camera back in the store. Please pick it up when you can." Okay so first thought was, "Camera back in the store?? Whatthefuckdoesthatmean???? Is is fixed or what??" So instead of getting worked up over nada, I marched into Best Buy looking extra cute with suppressed attitude underneath. I have no idea why I put that much effort into my 'look' to go to Best Buy. Maybe, if I looked professionally cute they would be least likely to arrest me if I slap the crap out of somebody if once again my camera came back unrepaired and with a new dent in the casing.

So I saunter over to the Geek Squad with the Marc Jacobs sunglasses still perched on my face and wait my turn. As the older gentleman walks away from the counter, I extend my paperwork to the Geek behind the counter, with a "I received a phone call about my camera" said with as much cool snobbery I could muster before the attitude made its way to the surface. He looks it up in the computer, makes a face, and looks at the paper again. "Is there a problem?" I ask, still chill but I feel a little neck roll as I say it. "No, no problem, but I remember you. You cried when you dropped it off. I can't believe we still have your camera. That was a while ago." Damn, I was hoping I could forget that little crying episode in the middle of Best Buy. Apparently not. But I explained to him the ordeal of Best Buy keeping my camera for over a month and then sending it pack unrepaired with a brand new dent. I left out the "it took me a week to calm down enough just to come back in the store to have the situation rectified and not burn this bitch down". Didn't want to scare off the Geek.

He walks into the back of the Geek dungeon in search of my camera and as I wait I think of all the fun events that my camera missed while being out of commission. The Geek walks back to the counter with a bubble wrapped contraption in his hand. Uh-oh! Why is my camera all wrapped like that??? Sunglasses off?? Check. Hand on hip?? Check. I was ready to bring it up in BestBuy at 10:30 in the morning (yeah, I was pressed! hahahaha). He hands it me as he returns to the computer to print something out. I gingerly unwrap the camera thinking this time its in a million pieces. My attitude is bubbling just ready to spill over. on to the counter. I finally unwrap the bubble wrap and there she is. My camera. In one piece. No more dents. All shiny and looking brand new. And I beam. Just as bright as the metal on my camera. "Hello lovah" (My Sex and the City fans know exactly how to say that phrase). The Geek informs me that the lens, the casing, and the motherboard (I think that's what he called it) have been replaced. "Uh huh. Does that mean it works?". The Geek chuckled in a oh-how cute-and clueless-this-chick-is kind of way. "Yes that means it works." I eased my fully charged lithium battery into its slot, closed the door, flipped the camera over and pressed the button. It felt like an eternity to hear that little ding. And I heard it!!!! Champagne for everyone!!!! hahhahahaha

I take a test picture just to make sure that it not only looks good but works as well. I am so happy I could almost reach across the counter and kiss the Geek. But I restrain myself. I can't go around kissing random Geeks.

I wanted to walk around the city with my camera in hand capturing every little detail as I walk down the street just like a tourist. But then I remember, tourists get on my nerves when they stop in the middle of a crowded street and start taking pictures of billboards and buildings and people and whatever else they capture through their lens. But I'm bursting with excitement. I have to release and take some pictures.
Sawagani: Flash fried Japanese River crabs @ Sushi Samba. (I don't think this is what my table mates had in mind when this was ordered but it was so pretty and interesting I had to take a picture...) And for the record, while I am pretty adventurous when it comes to food, hell no I didn't eat it.

Looking down at the pattern of my dress I noticed a heart in the middle, so I took a picture. Yes this was after a cocktail or 2. :)

Meatpacking District. The Flasher. Thankfully, I didn't get arrested! lol
(sidebar: that dress is underneath is uber short and uber HOT!!!!)

This was shrimp and grits @ Sunday Brunch. Delish. Especially with the unlimited mimosas. :)

However, I was mad at the Wonder bread when it was supposed to be garlic toast. Manny, you're slipping.

Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Superhero Fashion exhibit.
I want someone to make this for me as a Halloween costume (and find a stellar halloween party to attend as well. LOL). I don't even know what character this is but this look is HOT!!!!

5th Avenue. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Street performer in the middle of the street. hahahahaha

Can you see how much I've missed my camera???? However, while at the museum, I realized something isn't quite right with my camera. I used to have a feature called "continuous shot" where I could simply keep pressing the button and as I move the camera it would continue to take pictures. Well, since I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures in the museum, I wanted to hurry and get as many as possible before security caught me. So I tried to switch to this feature and it never came up on the menu. All I had was "single shot" and "10 sec timer". Noooo, I don't want those. I loved that little continuous shot feature. Where is it??? So now I have to take my camera back to Best Buy to find out what happened to my beloved feature in my beloved camera. But what if it takes 2 months to get it back?? That's practically the entire summer. I have weekend getaways, baby showers to attend (not as the guest of honor), wedding to travel to (not as the bride). I can't risk not capturing these moments of my life.
This is like a love affair. Key word affair. It feels good in the beginning. Does right by you until it gives up. You try to make it work but then something ain't quite right and its not the same. You're so elated just to have it but do you settle??? So do I stick it out and make it work or do I give up and trade it in for a newer model? Damn, what should I do???


rashad said...

Let me find out that JELLS is unleashing a photo blog on us this summer

makeba said...

Girl take that camera and find out if they forgot to include your continuous shot, if not, after all your troubles use it for awhile and as a gift to self upgrade it.