Monday, June 23, 2008

A Stan's Tribute

Today, the group New Edition will be honored at an event for their contributions to the R&B world.

"New Edition will be presented with the Golden Note Award at ASCAP's 21st annual Rhythm & Soul Music Awards. The ceremony -- which also honors the organization's top songwriters and publishers in R&B/hip-hop -- will take place June 23 in Los Angeles.A progenitor of the '90s boy band craze, New Edition is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a group. Members Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, Ronnie DeVoe and Johnny Gill are known for the R&B/pop hits "Candy Girl," "Cool It Now," "Mr. Telephone Man" and "Hit Me Off," among others. New Edition joins such previous ASCAP Golden Note Award honorees as Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z and Quincy Jones."(source)

Okay anyone who knows me knows I am an absolute New Edition fan. Like total fan. Borderline stan if you will. But I'm not alone in my devotion. It's one of the few things the Fantastic Four (the BFFs) collectively agree on. Its one of those entities that bind us together. New Edition was the soundtrack of our youth. We bought every album. Used to tape every new video and learn every dance move. We even planned a group wedding we're we would all marry a member of the group together (Prego and I fought over Mike Bivins...lmao). Almost 6 years ago, they performed at the Beacon Theater in New York City. It was late July. And my BFF, Twiggs was about 8 months pregnant. And yes she attended the concert. The rest of the Fantastic Four crew threatened to never speak to her again if she went into labor during the concert. Even though, we later thought that if she did happen to go into labor during the concert, that maybe Ronnie, Johnny, Ricky, Mike, and Ralph might show up at the hosptal to offer congratulations after the concert. HA! But fortunately or unfortunately, she gave birth about a month later.

I can't believe they are celebrating 25 years in the biz. Maybe it's because I can't believe that I've known anything for 25 years. I was rocking (scratch that) grooving to the sounds of New Edition at 7?! Developing my first celebrity crush at 8 (oh Mike how I loved you so...which is so funny because he is no where near my height requirement of late...hahahaha)? Attending every New Edition concert that came to town (my true motivation for remaining an A student). Wow, that wasn't all just yesterday??? If they're 25 years older, am I 25 years older too??? Sheeeeiiiiitttttt (still missing the Wire)!!!

I know I've been on a video posting kick lately. Just let me indulge just one more time (or a hundred times; this is after all, my blog...hahahahahahaa)

This is where it all many of us didn't think we were a Candy Girl???

I still don't know what the hell a Popcorn love is but don't you know it's the real thing, gurrrl? LOL

Oh teenage heartbreak at its finest. When this song came out, I had no freaking idea what this felt like. Damn, I wish for those days. LOL

Still waiting for this type of devotion! hahahahahahaha

Now I realize that this song is borderline stalkerific but what the hell did I know back then?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Warning from friends to either (a) not be stalkerific or (b) don't ummmm come to the party to soon! hahahahahahahahahhaha

If this is not the most blatant but gentlemanliest way a man has ever rejected a chick. It's still fucked up though! hahahahahahaaa

Okay, so I still know damn near every dance move in this video. And yes, I'm proud to say it! HA!

New Edition . N.E. Heartbreak - Ma-Tvideo France2
New Edition . N.E. Heartbreak - Ma-Tvideo France2

New Edition . N.E. Heartbreak - Ma-Tvideo France2

Mots-cl├ęs : soul funk

This was the flyest, dopest, freshest video. With all the celebrity cameos. The Fantastic Four couldn't wait to live this life with our boos. ahahahahahahahahaha (SIDEBAR: I had to translate French in order to embed this video. Do you see my devotion people???? hahahahahaha)

Still one of the most beautiful love songs. One day it will play at my wedding reception during the New Edition hour (yes, I said hour...hahahahahaha)

They still got it. But Diddy did 'em dirty, man!

Okay, going to renew my New Edition Fan Club membership now. I wonder if my NE Heartbreak t-shirt still fits!


rashad said...

Wow. i thought i loved tiger got me beat son. two things. 1)new edition's last cd was better than folks realize and 2)my favorite NE song is A Little Bit of Love Is it Takes.

Janelle said...

I love that song!!! it was very 80s with the drum machine.

Yeth I think I have you beat son on the celebrity love and devotion tip. LOL

Chubbs said...

omg...this is a lovely tribute! I remember being a 6-year-old Catholic school girl, and Ralph was my very first celebrity crush. Did I care that he needed braces? No.

makeba said...

OMG! Girl this took me wayyyyy back. This is the only era I knew the words to EVERY single popular song. This just made my day.

Janelle said...

Chubbs: I cut school in high school to get Ralph's autograph when his album came out. In my high school catholic uniform. 3 blocks away from school. hahahahahaa (still have the autograph pic in my photo album BTW)

Keba: I remember when we were in school and would stand around talking about all things new edition at recess (when we were too cool as 7th graders to play on the slides and monkey bars...hhahahahaha). Glad I made you're day!

Eve said...

Ummm...for the second time (don't LET there be a third...), MICHAEL BIVINS IS MINE!!!!!! Hear that? For ever, for always, for love. He always has (and still does) meet MY height requirement, and is still fly as ever.
I too am a NE stan, have seen them in EVERY NYC area concert in the last 5 years, (I even volunteered at a concert series in BK (for the WHOLE summer) so I could be up close to them at their ONE concert) know the dances, and brought in 2007 with an NE retrospective on New Year's Day.
*deep sigh* I sooo love NE...
Michael: I am your...I am your...Kinda giiiiiirl!