Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Blush..

The bus was crowded but thankfully cool because it was definitely a scorcher outside. I made my way to the back of the bus and found an oasis for me and my shopping bags. As the bus bustled down Broadway, I ran through my mental checklist of the errands that still needed to be run before I could crash under my AC.
"Is it hot enough for you?" I hear to my left in an accent that is definitely not from any corner of this country.
I turn and see that the guy speaking to me is a very tall, very round white man with blue eyes that actually sparkled like pools of water to match the pools of sweat streaming down the sides of his face. I reply "Yes, I love summer. I've been waiting months for this." with a chuckle. I turn back to gaze out at the sweating suckers on the sidewalk when my bus neighbor continues the conversation.
"So what is there to do here in New York?"
As I try to place what corner of the world his accent is from (I guessed New Zealand or Australia), I respond "Whatever you want to do. There is always something going on in the city."
As I've said before, people always talk to me on public transportation, especially tourists. In a strange way, I like to think that in that short span of time I've dispelled a couple of rumors about New Yorkers (we are not rude) and Black women(we are not all starring in videos shaking our asses with ten different baby daddies).
The conversation continues as I give him a brief rundown of where he could get information on what's going on here in the city. I suggest a few restaurants, attractions, etc.
"You seem to know a lot about this city. Are you from here?"
I laugh because my social butterfly status is exposed and reply "Yes, I'm from here. Born and raised right here."
"Have you ever been to South Africa?"
"No I haven't but I plan on going next year with a friend of mine. (yes, that's the truth. lol) Is that where you're from?"
"Yes, yes. Johannesburg. You will love it and they will love you. You are breathtaking."
Huh?? Breathtaking??? Who says that?? Am I blushing? Why are my cheeks hot???
I manage to stammer out a "thank you" because I was completely caught off guard and slightly embarrassed. The entire time I'm thinking I'm just being a friendly New Yorker and this guy is hitting on me! WTF??? I never saw this coming primarily because he's white. Not being racist or anything but come on, that shit doesn't happen everyday where a white man not only strikes up a conversation but is flirting. With me. Go figure.

"So what are you doing this evening?" he inquires.
"Oh I'll be home, sitting under the AC making invitations for my best friend's baby shower." (once again, the truth. I swear. LOL)
"That's too bad. I was hoping you could accompanying me to some of the places you've mentioned. Would you reconsider?"
"Oh thank you, but I can't. I'm making over 100 invitations by hand and I need to get them in the mail ASAP."
The bus makes a turn and I realize my stop is the stop right after the turn. I didn't want the guy to think I was bailing off the bus because he scared the shit out of me, so I begin to gather my very heavy bags.
"Getting off already??"
"Yeah, I have to run into a couple of stores in this neighborhood."
"Well...it was indeed a pleasure speaking with you. I may check out some of the places you recommended. Thank you."
"You're welcome. Enjoy your visit." I say as I hop off the bus.

As I walked to Kinko's to pick up my copies, I couldn't help but wonder about my bus convo. If I didn't have to make these invitations, would I have accepted his invitation??? If he looked more like Brad Pitt and less like a young Dick Cheney (complete with the 7 months pregnant belly)would that have swayed my decision?? And if I did go out with him, would I try to justify it by saying "Well, technically he's African."? On the flip side, he could have been some international serial rapist/killer and I could have just saved my own life. Hey, I watch Law & Order:SVU. Sick fuckers come in all shapes, shades, and sizes.

Breathtaking??? Really? Me??? Nahhhh. He was just trying to score a date I laugh to myself. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm attractive but I never would associate the word breathtaking with me. Breathtaking is reserved for Hollywood beauties and the natural wonders of the world of which I am neither. But I must be flattered because my cheeks are still hot or is it the beaming sun??


rashad said...

you don't know what kind of women south africa is working with man, so don't downplay the compliment he hath bestowed upon you

makeba said...

Girl you good because I know he would have gotten the sideway eye from me. It's ashame the life of a new york city girl, it's not until you go places outside of NYC that you realize people do speak to strangers and are genuine about it. Hey oh well, he still would have gotten the you talking to much so stop because you must have an agenda! LOL