Sunday, June 22, 2008

Circle of One

There is an innocence that I've lost. Never to regain again. I've taken off the rose colored glasses. The ones you gave me at birth. Now all I see is disappointment and despair. It was always me and you against the world. That's what you said. That's what you promised. Now, you made your choice and I see I was the only soldier in my army. For 32 years, I was spoon fed the notion that nothing was more important that me. Those damn rose colored glasses. You chose left as I was waving to you on the right. Now I see everything is more important than me. The totem pole is upside down and I'm realistically at the bottom. Well, at least for you. But not for me as I remove myself from the situation. I'm crushed but isn't life about learning the lesson and moving on in your journey??? So I'm left with no other choice but to dust myself off, pick up the pieces and move on as I leave an innocence behind. And step on those damn rose colored glasses.

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