Friday, August 22, 2008

Let's Not......

So if this is you
Here's what you should do
Don't even come up
Don't even say stuff
You know it ain't true
Baby what's the use
Let's not play the game

Save the games for the kiddies on the playground. What's the use??? Honestly, 99.99% of the time you'll get EXACTLY what you want when you're upfront and honest with your shit. My name is not Monopoly, Spades, or Bid Whist. I'm a grown ass woman who can handle way more shit than you would ever believe. As Method Man said, "if you keep it real with me, I'll keep it real with you". Why can't this be the new Golden Rule???

If its only about the games and trying to get over, then I quit this bitch. That's me. Walking off the motherfucking playing field. Giving the referee the middle finger as I smile at the spectators. Say what you want, write what you want. I could care less. Think of me as the rookie who got the signing bonus and still walked away from the game and kept the check. I know my sports analogies suck but hopefully you get what I'm trying to say: NO MORE GAMES.


rashad said...

Sticking with analogies, you're Ricky Williams. The landscape isn't look too good right now, so you're gracefully bowing out. Not ruling out a return, but not rushing to come back either.

In other news, Maxwell is coming to NY on October 9

Janelle said...

rashad: dude I don't even know who the hell Ricky Williams is! hahahahahahs but you know how I feel on the subject matter.

and why do you know NY shit??? I should be telling YOU that...hahahaha

rashad said...

i know all his tourdates, and i thought it would be mighty black of me to share..we hampton folks gotta stick together

Miss. Lady said...

Can the church say AMEN?!

Pass the baskets collect the money... we gon give a love offering for the TRUTH.

I feel you...

makeba said...

Ricky Williams! You don't know Ricky Williams. Any whozzle, dayum girl who got you all disgusted. I feel the heat coming through my computer!

Janelle said...

rashad: yeth us hamtonians should stick together but not sure everyone got the memo. Get on it. hahahahahah

miss.lady: welcome. and there will be a second collection for this sermon. Pastor needs a new lexus. hahahahahahaha

Keba: hell nooo I don't know who Ricky Williams is. Is he cute? Should I know him?? hahahahaha
Thank you for feeling the heat through the computer. that's the best compliment you can give a writer! ;)

Chubbs said...

is it wrong that what I really got from this post was a hard-on for maxwell. can this man please re-surface and gives us back his falsetto? geez.

and yes, i did read your post...and games are not-so-fun when you're on the receiving end..but damnit--the older i get, the more i see they're necessary.

Will said...

Oh boy. Hit me up, fill me in. *smh*

£ex said...

games are super wack. unfortunately they have become the fabric of many interpersonal relationships. yucko.

and btw ricky williams is a RB with the Miami dolphins.

Eve said...

Games ARE wack. I play games with my kid. How much simpler would shit be if folks just came with honesty and allowed others to make decisions for themselves?

Janelle said...

chubbs: gurrrrl, we are cut from the same cloth!!! Watching the video almost made me forget why I was looking for it in the first place. Man ohhh man! I miss me some Maxwell!!!
Now I gotta play the game to get me some Maxwell tickets!!! hahahahahaha

Willie Burger: just blowing off steam. don't worry about me.

Lex: yesss, yucko and boooo/hissss to games but its the fabric of our lives these days. Doesn't mean I have to like it.

rashad said...

I'm a bit troubled by chubbs usage of the expression "hard-on". We just can't have that type of androgyny out there all willy nilly