Monday, August 04, 2008

He said, I said

(pic courtesy of Coldstone Creamery. do you see why I fight my inner chubby girl)

He said: Hmm, I have some ice cream in the freezer.
I said: Oooh, what kind?
He said: Umm, Pralines & Cream from Baskin Robbins.
I said: Yummm, that's my favorite. That's not fair. You can't share. *
He said: hahahhahaha. You want some? Then come get some.
I said: Don't tempt me. That's my favorite. You better save me some.
He said: I better, huh? HA! And if I don't?
I said: There will be problems and repercussions, mannn. Don't make me cut you over ice cream! hahahahaha
He said: If I finish this, I think we can find something else in the freezer you'll like.
I said: You better! hahahahahhahaa

So ummmm was this conversation really about ice cream??? If it really wasn't about my beloved dessert, at what point did ice cream become code for ummm I scream??? Honestly, it wasn't until we got off the phone an hour later did it occur to me that this could possibly be about far more than a cold creamy fattening treat. But damn if I didn't have a taste for some Pralines and Cream ice cream allllllll dayum day. Sitting here wishing on a star that my fruit salad could somehow morph into the taste of Coffee Lovers Only signature collection from Coldstone Creamery (my other inner chubby girl loves some ice cream)

*(Back story: this conversation occurred across a few state lines so sharing at that precise moment was impossible unless someone has a beam me up Scotty machine they would like to sell me.)

** If I ever decide to write about "he" again, his name will be Baskin Robbins. Oh and I've written about him before just didn't have a name for him then. hahahahahahaaa ;)


makeba said...

If I think Baskin Robbins is who I think it is then this conversation was surely not about no dayum ice cream! State lines and a phone....umm great combination for phone sex! LOL

rashad said...

so what if he had just cut to the chase and said, yeah ice cream is good, but how about you lick on this (synonym for phallus)? Would that have tickled your fancy and removed the mystery?

Organized Noise said...

That conversation stopped being about ice cream as soon as he asked you if you wanted some.

I scream is a beautiful thing.

I could use some Cold Stone too.

Janelle said...

Keba: I will neither confirm or deny who you THINK it is??? Isn' that the beauty of coming up with names on this here blog?! hahahahaa

Rashad: mannnn, that's just nasty. You should know that would never tickle anything forget my dayum fancy. And I think I answered your question??

Noise: why did it stop being about ice cream at that point??? I don't get it. Am I not supposed to get it???
Oh and ummm plan a Cold Stone field trip with Willie Burger and crew and I am there, mannnn!!! However, there will be no screaming involved! hahahahaahhahahahahahahaa

JazzBrew said...

I have officially become an old married man. When did THAT happen? After reading this the only thing I wanted afterwards was ice cream. That picture looked too damn good.

Eve said...

co-sign with organized noise.... play ig'nant of ya want....

Janelle said...

jazz: that's why I picked that pic! ;)