Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Get it girl!"
Have funnnn!"
"Yeah lots and lots of funnnnn! hahahahahahaha"
"You better call tomorrow, chick. We want updates!!!"
"Bye, ladies. Love ya!" I called back as I descended the stairs in the restaurant, leaving my BK crew to continue to enjoy dinner without me. Only moments before, I received the text I had been waiting for all week: "I'm outside on the corner. " Each step my silver peep toe shoes took reverberated in my stomach. I can't lie. The refuge of the butterflies must be in the pit of my stomach. Before the doorman could open the door for my exit, I checked my lip gloss (it was shinin') and smoothed the invisible wrinkles out of my green, black, and silver mini-dress. I took a deep breath and step forward, motioning for the doorman to open the door.

"Hmmm. You're not leaving all by yourself, are you? Do you need a taxi?"
"No, ummm, I'm meeting ummm someone. But ummm thanks, anyway."

While it registered that the doorman was indeed checking me out, it wasn't his approving eye that mattered. I scanned the street, looking. I slowly walked to the corner (those glasses of sangria were the TRUTH!). As I approached the intersection, I scanned each immediate corner. He said "on the corner" so where is he? I stood on the corner for what felt like an eternity. And then I saw him, halfway down the block. Standing almost as tall as the No Parking sign he was leaning on. Waiting for me. Inwardly, I squeal. I crossed the street as the butterflies inside soared. I saw that fleeting "Wow" I was looking for in the arch of his eyebrows. The city block felt like an ocean and time seem to moving at a snails pace. But my mind was racing. Where do I look? Do I continue to lock eyes with him as I approach? No, silly, look away, look away before he sees the butterflies. So I look up. No silly, you look like a tourist doing that; someone is gonna jack your purse. Okay, so I look straight ahead, avoiding eye contact. This isn't a runway and you are not America's Next Top Model, chick. Okay, pull yourself together girl; you're almost there. He strides over to end my anxious walk and envelopes me in an all consuming embrace. Hmmmm, he smells good, like the fragrance of a candle I once loved, only manlier, sexier. He steps back and laughs.

"We match." He chuckled.
"We what?!"
"We match. Look!"

As I gaze up at his green polo shirt and down at his black pants, I realize exactly what he was talking about.
Could this be a sign??
I laugh as the butterflies escape into the summer night.


rashad said...

and so it begins....

ham10alum said...

..the suspense is killing me...i need the rest!!!

makeba said...

The feeling of butterflies....hummm....and you match....hummm....can't wait to hear all about the rest!

Janelle said...

rashad: and what begins?? this is just a blog post ;)

ham10alum: welcome. loving the name. the suspense is killing me too. LOL

keba: why can't I just be exploring my creative side???!!! LOL

makeba said...

I was thinking the same thing when I saw ham10alum. The way I was at Hampton it would be more like I knew of them and they never even heard or seen me. LMAO Creativity is a creative way to express our internal feelings. Didn't you know? hahahahaha

£ex said...

girl i am smiling so hard because i have had the exact same dialogue in my head that you had as you approached your beau

where to look
how to look
what kind of walk
how to look interested and unaffected all at once
basically toning down the geekage that was making my heart thump thump thump lol

and the butterflies too...oh yeah the butterflies...

(also i'll be wanting to read more about this mystery man)

Janelle said...

Lex: hopefully there will be more to write. :)