Saturday, August 02, 2008


About 10 minutes ago I got a text from Prego's husband with a picture of their daughter. Fresh out the oven. 24 hours of labor later. After jumping up and down in my living room like I just won the Super Bowl, I broke down in tears. The tears are still streaming. I am overwhelmed with emotion. Words can't describe how happy I am for Prego and Hubby. I thought that by sitting here and writing I would find the words to describe my feelings. But the words are escaping me like last minute's breath.

How can I love something so much that I have yet to lay eyes on?? How did this happen?? Her birth renews the belief in the possibilites of life. She's not even mine and I feel like my life has already changed.

Welcome little one. I can't wait to see how life unfolds for you. Your auntie will always be here cheering you on.

But ummmmm can we talk about this 24 hour labor thing???? This is soooo not making motherhood any more attractive to me. ;)


rashad said...

Kids and particulary little ones have a way of getting under your skin in a good way. I'll be expecting those same reaction in February my friend

Organized Noise said...

24 Hours of Labor!!!!! I'll be sure once again thank God for making me man when I go to church today.

Chubbs said...

awww, i kinda feel the same way about a dear friend's baby...who's due to enter the world any-minute-now. But, 24 hours?!? um, i dunno.