Monday, December 24, 2007

At this precise moment, at this very second I am supposed to be finishing some holiday shopping. Yes, on Christmas Eve. In New York City - a city that is already overcrowded with residents and tourists. But add the holiday crunch to the mix and this is my recipe for pure hell on earth.

Usually, when I go holiday shopping, I have a list and I know exactly what each person is getting and where I can go to get it. This minimizes my time in the stores. I get in, pick gift, stand on line, get out. 30 minutes tops in each store(mostly because of long lines). However, this year for the people still remaining on the list, I have nooooooooo freaking idea what to give them. Yes, I know its the thought that counts but I like my thought to be appreciated. I think about the person, think about their likes, and give them gifts accordingly. And I've done that for the most part with my very modest list. But these last couple of gifts have me stumped. I can't even begin to imagine what to get. I can't even think what store I should go to where I can look for an appropriate gift.

I know that sitting here writing this blog (which hands down, I think is the worst blog I've written to date...hahahahaha) is my own diversionary tactic. I could have gone yesterday but the weather was crappy. Honestly, I just have no desire be out in the crowds or the foolishness that is waiting for me once I step out the comforts of my home. I wish I could re-gift. But I don't think my grandmother's husband would appreciate a gift basket of fruity gels, lotions, and candles from Bath & Body Works.

Ok, I guess I've stalled enough. I have to get out there and get some fantastic gifts, hopefully at fantastic prices. Is there anyway I can convince one of you to go shopping for me??? No? Nothing I could do?? Damn. Well, do you think a 75 year old man would like the scent of Cherry Blossom in a lotion or shower gel??? No? Damn.

Wish me luck. Deliver me from the hell on earth that awaits! hahahahahaha
Merry Christmas!

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rashad said...

Hey not every blog can be a homerun, sometimes you just post something for you and you only, I've done it many times. In fact I need to do it now, so that i TOO can procrastinate instead of shop