Monday, April 06, 2009

Welcome to my world....AGAIN

My new occasionally favorite pastime is checking my email on my new and improved mine for now mobile device as I wait for the train (well in the stations where I can actually get reception) . I was on my way to meet my girl and her son for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng public transpo voyage to the land of Biggie and many many many of my beautiful gems ( I have way too many friends in the BK...I wouldn't trade them for anything, but that train ride is re-damn-diculous).

[Insert Hustle's Government] has added you as a friend. We need to confirm that you know [Hustle's first name] in order for you to be friends on Facebook.

*EYES BULGE* Are my eyes and my contacts deceiving me??? Has Hustle joined the very social network he has clowned me for joining annnnnnnd is now requesting me as a "friend"? I can't tap the screen fast enough for my mobile web browser to upload. This has to be a mistake. Or maybe I know some one with the same name (Sidebar: this actually happened on FB. A dude I know from my itty bitty days and a dude I know from my HU days have the same name, and it never dawned on me until I received the 2 friend requests within a week of each other. I know too many people. LMAO).

As I heard the train rumbles getting louder, I curse that FB is not loading fast enough. Do I wait on the platform just to quench my curiousity or do I board my iron chariot alllllllllllllll the Brooklyn with no mobile reception and suffer through the agony?? Honestly, if BK Transplant and her adorable needs his own reality show son weren't waiting for me at the very next stop I would have stood right there just to see if what my email said was true. So I begrudgingly got on the train and left my crystal clear reception right there on the platform. Sadly waving goodbye as my bars began to disappear. As soon as BK transplant got on the train and her son was settled in with his Nuggets, this had to be discussed. No one I date is currently on my FB page. Weird?? I don't know. My past experience with social networking sites has taught me a few things when it comes to dating and I just try to keep the 2 worlds separate to avoid the foolywag brouhaha. My page is uber-private with good reason. I have nothing to hide. No pics of me and a "boo"; no salacious wall posts; no misconstrued innuendos in my status updates. Nada. So what's the big deal??? I can't really explain it (thought I could by the time I got to this point of this here blog but oh well. LOL). It reminds me of the time I discovered he read my blog. - I felt exposed, naked, vulnerable. Then it was a one way mirror into my world. And it most likely will be the same on FB. He won't update his status like 3 times a day like I do. He won't post pictures of drunk people in clubs like I do. He won't take those stupid ass quizzes or write one of those chain notes. Well I don't do those either. But you get the point.

As BK Transplant, her son and I emerged from the belly of the iron beast, I couldn't wait to check my phone. As soon as I saw one tiny lone stick bar in the right hand corner I tapped my web browser. Sure enough, that's Hustle. I bit my lip as I contemplated my choices. I confirmed our "friendship" and sent him a wall post (took me 10 minutes on the bus to compose it. And yes after 2 trains, I then had to get on a bus. Oh the things I do for my beautiful gems. LOL). I logged off my web browser and sent him a text message.

Facebook??? Really.

He replied simply "Yep."

I know that affirmative was laced with all kinds of "you scared?". He didn't have to ask because he probably already knew the answer.


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Loving the eyes bulge pic! Now that is hilarious and you are a mess. LOL