Thursday, April 30, 2009

Does that make me crazy?!!!!!

I found it quite comically ironical* that during my almost nightly conversation with Baskin Robbins, he brings up the whole idea of “crazy”. I know I don’t mention him often. Only the truly faithful (i.e. Rashad and Keba) may actually remember the last time I mentioned him here. But that’s not the point. I was tempted to ask him “did you read my blog today?” but he swore he wouldn’t months ago and I try not to bring it up to entice him to break his vow. Furthermore, I checked my stats this morning; no hits from his neck of the woods so last night’s convo was just a co-winky-dink.

The conversation meandered into the perception of crazy and crazy moments. We’ve already shared with each other our not so shining moments in the relationship department so “crazy” discussions were nothing new. But do these shot in the dark moments in our life define who we are? Of course not, it takes a whole lot to equal the sum of my whole. But damn, do I wish I could subtract some things out of the equation. I get that I am who I am because of every experience I’ve been through but can’t the fabric of my history be tie-dyed so that some of those moments are bleached from existence? No? Damn.

Fortunately for both us, our brief departures from self were not filmed. We can continue in a daily lives unscathed (for the most part). Unlike this reality show chick, she can’t escape her crazy image no more than she can escape that tattoo on her face. If she ever tried to distance her self from either, there will always be a tell tale sign.

We are also very fortunate, that even after we revealed our unpretty sides, we both picked up the phone to continue our conversation. Is that crazy or what?! ;)

(note: when I started writing this I thought about actually revealing my "moment" - hence the title but I still like walking around and denying it ever happened so I scrapped it. LOL)

*I initially thought ironical wasn't a word and wanted you to know that I know its not a word. However, "WORD" didn't scribble it so it must be a word right?!

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rashad said...

This is the second mention of crazy this week my friend...what is going on?