Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crazy? Not Sexy. Not Cool.

Last night I watched the reunion special for one of my "reality" show guilty pleasures, For the Love of Ray J. Sure I could expound on the why an educated woman with a hectic schedule like myself would watch a dating reality show, but what’s the point? I watch it and most importantly, I admit that I watch it. So that take that all you closet watchers. (Hahahahahaaaa) Anyway, I was compelled to watch it last night because of a certain contestant. For those who didn’t watch it (and those who claim they don’t watch it), there was a certain young lady vying for Ray J’s attention who was downright crazy. At first she came off as aloof, different. I mean how many people do you know have a tiger tattooed on the side of their face? But towards the end of her reign on the show she was straight up losing it.

While watching the show, I wondered why he kept her around so long, especially after she admitted that she physically attacked boyfriends in the past and had thoughts of killing or harming other chicks in the house (and she smashed the homies; hahahahaha). Even in her dismissal, she was quite confident that her love would win out in the end and that they would always be connected. Straight jacket anyone?!

While I don’t think Ray J speaks for all men across the globe, he revealed something that just may be true. When asked why he kept her around, he said something about how it was cool when she was just a lil crazy and her craziness was just a kinda sexy UNTIL crazy side became dangerous and a somewhat too much to handle. But all in all, he admitted he was attracted to her crazy side.

This phenomenon is not new. How many times have you shook your head at your friend's boo like "this mofo is crazy and he/she (your friend) loves his/her crazy draws". I once had a friend of a friend come up to me and declare "your man is crazy". Yeah, just like that. No hello, no chitchat. Straight up, no chaser. I didn't know her so I just chalked it up to her being the crazy one in the room. Later on I realized one crazy person can always identify another in a crowd and I should have listened to her crazy ass.

But what is it about "crazy" that is attractive to so many people? Could it be that there is never a dull moment? Is there some excitement in the element of danger that crazy always brings? Is irrational behavior sexy?

That TLC song “Crazy. Sexy. Cool.” comes to mind. I didn’t realize it was a priority list for desirable personality traits in a mate. Had I known that, it may not have been the song playing on my voicemail in college (HA!). Having had to deal with my own brand of crazy, I want noooooo parts of crazy. It’s not fun, it’s draining, and damn sure not sexy. Give me a nice, normal, psychological test passing, kind of guy. All others need not apply, especially if you can’t pass a psychological test. Just sayin’.

Hopefully, Ray J learns this lesson before Season 2. *

*come on, you KNOW there will be a Season 2; Lust only lasts until the day before the check for Season 2 clears.


rashad said...

For any man or woman who thinks crazy is in any way, shape or fun cool, I would be glad to show them the restraining order I took out one of them. The shit ain't cute.

LovinMe4Me said...

Ain't that the damn truth!!!

PS - Ok, I'm one of those people who watched the show but didn't dare tell a soul. And yeah I watched it for Danger's crazy ass (Lawd what does tht say about me, lol)

makeba said...

Ok so I was one of those people who said, "I wish I would!" Then one night, actually the marathon night, I was sitting on my couch bored to death, turned to the channel and boom I got suckered into Ray J's mess. Now one I was pissed that I was so entrigued by such garbage and two I sat and said to myself...I have to share this with somebody, but vowed not too. Thanks for sharing! Now tell me why did he pick "Cocktail" she looks like Kim Kardashian if you ask me.