Friday, April 17, 2009

The Pressure

Well so far only one of my faithful readers has honored my previous blog request. Smoochies to you (I won’t shout you out by name because you didn’t say if it was okay in email). The request was for more Pinky stories and more dating stories. While I see Pinky damn near everyday, he has been relatively tame lately. Either one of you guys told him that I write about him or he’s gearing up for Spring to really hit. If that’s the case, I will have plenty to write about. Oh wait, one day he came to the office in a yellow ensemble: yellow pants, yellow striped shirt, yellow sweater, yellow puffy vest, and loafers. Oh and orange socks. No, I’m serious. I may have to change his blog name to Rainbow Brite. Or Elton John circa 1970something. And yes people, he is straight. Hhahahahaa

Soooo tomorrow evening I have an event to go to, a fancy soiree at a manor. Anywho, my best friends and I will all be there. I joked with Zilla (new name Tootie…hahaha) the other day that this feels like prom. I bought a dress (of course already had the shoes), got my hair did (another blog for another day), and have a mani pedi appointment tomorrow afternoon. Since none of the members of the Fab Four (my besties and I) went to the same high schools and they are indeed older than I (only a year but so what..haahaaa), this is indeed like a prom for us. The Guest of Honor for this event asked me if I was going to be a plus one. And that’s when it hit me.

Oh shit. I’m going to be the only single person at the table.

Out of our circle of 4, I am the only one with no attachments – no kids, no boo. And as you already know, it doesn’t really bother me. But the thought of our “prom pictures” with me dateless was not something I wanted preserved in the archives. So I asked my go to, Hustle. (Are you surprised??? Hhahahaha) And surprise surprise, he was actually excited to go. So much so, he challenged me with a “don’t let me look better than you.” The NERVE. LOL I swear the man thinks he is the black James Bond. But I must admit, he looks damn good in a suit. Thankfully, I’ve only seen him wear a suit once. LOL

We worked out the logistics and everything is set. This week he sends me a text.

What type of crowd is it?

I explain that it’s an older crowd but that we will be at the younger table with friends and hubbies/boyfriends. Then he hits me with:

You’re not afraid of me embarrassing uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? (he's so dramatic...hahahaha)

Textually, I replied “Nope. You have home training. LOL” But then I got to thinking about him meeting the rest of the Fab Four and their respective significant others. He’s met 2 of the 3 but each time was in a dark hot ass club, so there was no conversation going on beyond ‘Hi. Nice to meet you”. But this time, this will be 5 hours (maybe slightly less) of mingling and conversation. I know he can hold his own but I always worry about people’s perception of people in my circle. Like what if they don’t like something he says or does or vice versa. Or will he, like my Guy Guru, have a Black Larry David moment, and I'm left shaking my head like Cheryl and asking myself why? WHY?????? Oh the pressure. I. CAINT. TAKE. THE. PRESSURE.

Then there’s the realization that this is the first time I’ve brought anyone around people I consider to be family (outside of the Fab 4). I hope they realize it’s just a date and that its by no means “more”. He hasn’t even met my mom. (And yes you can date someone this long without them meeting the family. It’s actually quite stressless -yeah I made that up but you get the point. )

I know I’m probably panicking over nothing and that all will go well. But you know me; I have to worry just a lil bit. It’s like my good luck charm. When I don’t worry a lil bit, that’s when you should worry.

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I hope he has a BLD'll make for a better post party blog..