Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Is it Wednesday already??? Sheesh. This week is passing me by faster than that Pharcyde tune. It’s been cereal for dinner and passed out with paperwork on my sofa. No torture from the trainer. No socializing social butterfly. Just a busy worker bee (always better than a killer bee I suppose. I don’t know; I’m allergic to both anyway..LOL).

Judging from the spike in page hits, you all must be wondering “WHAT HAPPPENED?” on Saturday. Simply put, I had a great time. So great I laugh at how nervous I was. So great I almost wish I could do it again. So great I couldn’t have written a better story if I tried. The original plan was for me to get ready at his place but you know what they say about plans and making God laugh, right? So despite all the damn traffic in the city on Saturday, the plan was changed and he picked me up from my apartment (really, there has to be a way that there is no Yankee game and Mets game scheduled on the same day around the same time. FIX IT!! ). The weather was so beautiful even at that time of night. I wore a strapless double layered sheer dress. I guess I would call the color sand. My shoes were multi-shades of coral open toed jeweled creations. Very Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw type (without the price tag…hahahaa). Hair was done with a nice swoop of reddish brown hair hanging over my right eye (yeah I changed my hair color again..need to finish that blog too). Makeup? Flawless, if I must say so myself since I was the artist behind my painted face. LOL Accessories? Bold and on point.

Hustle called to let me know he was downstairs. I gathered my clutch and other belongings and sailed out of my apartment. I was giddy and nervous like this was actually prom. I arrived downstairs and in full STRUT mode, made my way over to his car. I caught a hint of a smile before he looked away. I slid into my seat and noticed how impeccably dressed he was. In all his black James Bond-ness, he wore a nice fitting pinstripe suit with a black open collar shirt. Let the choir say, “Sexy!” As I’ve said before, I’m glad I don’t see him like this often. I’d be in TROUBBBBBBBBLLLLEE.

We arrived to the function late (damn traffic) but thankfully in time for dinner (I think I heard both of our stomachs growling in the car). I saw a few stunned looks when I walked in with a date but I had warned Hustle that I NAYVER bring anyone around so there might be a few double-takes. Hustle was a phenomenal date. He chatted with friend’s parents and even played with friend’s children. I was quite impressed. I wasn’t even afraid to leave him at the table a few times. Now that doesn’t mean he didn’t have black Larry David moments. He damn sure did but I was the only one privy to his shenanigans. Thank the LORD.

Once the event was over, and we snapped all the pictures we could pose for, and drank all the cocktails my bladder could hold, it was time to say goodnight. But we weren’t ready to call it a night. We decided to go out dancing because we didn’t dance at all at the event. Well I danced with my other date. Hustle had competition. My best friend’s 6 year old son was my dancing partner at the event and I kiddie 2-stepped it for quite a few songs. And then of course there were all the slides. You know? The Electric Slide, the Cha-Cha Slide. And now added to the mix, the Cupid Shuffle. And yes I know all of them. hahahahahaaaa

Hustle and I hit up 2 spots that night and made up for not dancing at the event. Hustle and I met at a party and danced that first night away, so it is only appropriate for us to do the damn thing whenever good music is playing. I was afraid to sweat out my hair so I tried to keep it PG. Operative word: try. (LOL) We may have been slightly overdressed for a simple night at the club but that didn’t stop us. But fatigue did. After only an hour (barely) at the second spot, we were ready to pass out. Yawning in our drinks and asking each other “you ready?” The coach was turning into a pumpkin and this Cinderella was ready to take off her Sex and the City shoes. It was time for 007 to return back to just plain ol’ Hustle. Back to normal. Back to reality. And now…..back to work. (sigh)

The End.


rashad said...

The lack of BLD moments is disappointing, but it sounds like you all had a great time. Pics??

makeba said...

Glad to hear you had such a great time!

Organized Noise said...

You need to get your slide game up. I heard no mention of the Mississippi Slide or the Booty Call.