Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Decide!

Miss me? Believe it or not, I’m walking on air/I never thought I feel so freeeeeeeeeee…okay that’s not what I was going to say but that theme song is stuck in my head. Go figure. A dollar to the first person who can name what show that’s from (ummm and that dollar is of the Monopoly variety…it’s a recession people!). LOL
But what I was going to say is believe it or not, I miss you too (well most of you…some of you? eh not so much. Hahahaa)

As many of you can probably tell, I’ve been on somewhat of a writing hiatus lately. It’s not like I haven’t written anything but once I pour these words and string them into thoughts on my computer screen, I skip the most relevant step – click publish. Some of the things I’ve written lately have been so dark, brooding, morose, and that’s not the mood I’ve been in lately. Or maybe I’ve finally began to believe in the mask I wear daily. Whatever the case may be, ultimately those writings aren’t what I want to publish. Not yesterday. Not today. But never say never. Maybe one day. Or maybe not.

I am curious though. What do you, yeah you the reader, want more of from me, yeah me, the writer of this here blog??? I know I have a propensity to write extremely random symphonies of life but I know that some of you have favorite topics. So I’m opening this up to you. Give me a topic and I’ll write about it. It could be something I’ve written about before that you want more of or something you would like to hear...errr read my thoughts on. Whatever you’d like for me and my fingers to explore on my keyboard. You can post the topic here in the comments or hit me up on email. You decide.

Let the games begin! lol


rashad said...

Delete this blog immediately. The people don't get options. You force whatever you want down their throat, and force them to swallow it....

Janelle said...

ummm that's what he said!

makeba said...

Its no fun hearing about what others want to hear. The beauty of the blog world is its your choice! You get to impose your views and thoughts on others and then get to read their welcomed or unwelcomed responses. hahahaha Welcome back from your break!

Dri_Mar said...

I like the randomness of ur blog ;-)

Organized Noise said...

What do I want more of from you? I don't know if I can answer that question honestly without getting some kind of look from you so I'll just leave that alone.

I agree with makeba, "the beauty of the blog world is its your choice!" Like Digital Underground said, "Dowhatchalike".

If you are really pressed for a topic you can answer my last e-mail to you in a post.