Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 'View From Here

On Sunday, I was reading a blog I frequently peruse. It's written by a guy I met last summer through a mutual friend and it’s called "Personification of Crazy" . Now while I haven't seen any sides of the crazy he speaks of, he's a cool dude and lately I read his stuff and think "Damn, I could have written the exact same thing." Any who, he participated in a series called "Interview Me". The rules are as follows:

1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying, “Interview me (and give me your e-mail address if I don't already have it).” (Note from me: if you don't want to publicly advertise your email address, you can send me an email)
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

After reading his interview, I was intrigued and it sounded like fun. I wouldn't mind sharing my 'view so I did as instructed and followed the rules (for once...LOL). I wondered what kind of questions he would ask and prayed they wouldn't be ridiculous/perverted/sadistic...you get the picture. So with out further adieu, here's my 'view as asked by Mike.

1. You went to school in Virginia and live in New York. In your experience, are men down south better than those up north or are all men about the same? Does chivalry exist anywhere anymore?
Hmmmm. When I was in school I dated no one from New York. I figured if I wanted a New York boy I might as well stay in New York. LOL With that said, I will say neither is better than the other - just different. The approach was definitely different. I remember feeling like the aggressor in some situations in school. But I quickly learned soft and "pink" was the way to go but I never lost that New York edge. I guess that's why all the guys who "found" me on our alumni website tell me they used to think I was mean back in the day. Interesting enough, all those dudes are from Down South. LOL
Now as far as chivalry, its status of life or death depends on the situation. I find that when I am acquainted with the guy, they know that I expect some sort of chivalrous gestures. And I don't have to say anything; it's a quiet expectation that if we are going to hang/be friendly/date, you better come with your A game. Conversely, I find in some day to day interactions with strangers, chivalry may be dying a slow agonizing death. I've had doors closed on me when my arms are full; guys stepping on or off an elevator before me. One dude even stepped in front of me and damn near tripped me to get on the elevator first. But just when I think someone has pulled the life support plug and chivalry is gasping on its final breath, a guy (a stranger) will do something so simple as hold the door for me when I'm not immediately behind him or offer to carry my packages. Now the question is: Is flirting masked as chivalry???

2. You and I met in a bar last summer, and during our first round of drinks, I toasted to my new found freedom. When was the last time in your life you felt completely free?
Hmmmmm....that's a tough one. I've had snapshots of freedom in my life like when I walked away from teaching with no actual job lined up (sounds weird but it was more liberating that sunbathing on a nude beach).Another weird "freedom" moment was when I turned a guy down last year who wanted us to be serious. He had marriage on his menu and while he was good in theory, I actually listened to myself and said "no". He wasn't the one for me. No matter how many zeroes he had in his bank account or how many times he sent his driver to take me to run errands (actually I could have gotten used to that...LOL) or how many amazing restaurants he exposed me to or how kind, thoughtful, and sweet he was, I couldn't do it. In the past, if a guy wanted to be with me then I agreed to a relationship even if he wasn't in my best interest. But that day, I was free to say “no, I can’t be with you” and I was okay with that. (kinda miss the driver though…lol)

3. You once had a guy you were dating read your blog. Is there currently anyone in your life who you would not want to stumble across your blog?
Well, as a (new) rule, I’d prefer it if the guys I date don’t read the blog. If I meet a guy and I think he wants to date me, then I may or may not tell him I write a blog. And if I do tell him, I never give the address. It’s unbalanced access to my life. And I’ve had guys read past entries and want to analyze me like this is an assignment for English Lit Class (one day, but not today). That freaks me out. Also, I would hate if my Dad read my blog. While I think he would find it entertaining, he doesn’t need to know about my dating life. I’ve painted the perfect picture of the me I want him to know. Reading this blog would destroy all of my hard work. But honestly, I wish there was a way that he could read some entries and I could block the others. I need some sort of Parental Control on here. LOL

4. What is the most spontaneous thing you have done for a guy?
A few months back I posted a photo-blog visualizing one of the spontaneous things I’ve done for a dude. I actually walked out of my apartment, took the elevator with my new neighbor, and walked to a waiting car outside with no one knowing what wasn’t underneath that trench coat. Hustle was so caught up in my new glasses that we were about 25 minutes into a 30 minute drive before he realized what was going on under the trench coat. Good times. LOL
I have a spontaneous spirit so I always think of spur of the moment things to do. I woke up one morning and decided to make lunch for the boo du jour (this was a while ago). I delivered it to his office complete with a beverage and dessert; made sure he got it, then bounced. The next dude I boo up is gonna be spoiled. LOL

5. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
Ohhh that’s a tough one. Ummm, reality shows like Real Housewives but shit Anderson Cooper is a fan. How “guilty” is this pleasure??? LOL
Ummm, ice cream out the carton. Oh yes, I just want a spoon and the carton. I hate when I have to be all civilized and scoop it into a mug (I hate using a bowl for ice cream unless it’s a bowl/mug hybrid. LOL). Now that I think about it, I have a few guilty pleasures. I just may save the rest for an entire blog entry one day.

Thanks, Mike for the interview. It was harder than I thought (that’s what she said….hahahahahhahahaha)


Eb the Celeb said...

Mike asked some great and very inquisitive questions... and this must have been after we taped the last episode because you switched up your chivalry answer up a bit...lol

Organized Noise said...

You're welcome, but the pleasure was all mine. Your answer to #4 made me regret asking for your blog address ;-). Seriously, thanks for participating. I'd appreciate it if you'd return the favor and Interview Me. Wonder if you'll have just as hard of a time coming up with questions as I did.

@ Eb the Celeb: Thanks. I had to do some serious research to come up with those questions.

makeba said...

Wow I am impressed! That was great. It was so good I wanted to read more. I don't know if it was the questions asked or the thought out responses to the questions being asked. Umm...I guess that's what makes for a good interview.

rashad said...

Excellent questions and answers. I saw something like this on my friend Faye's blog too

Chubbs said...

love it. and #4...**smiles**

Are you going to interview another blogger/reader?

Janelle said...

Eb: LOL...my answer changed a wee bit since we taped. Day of taping was the day dude tripped me to get on the elevator so I was heated. LOL

Organized Noise: Coming up with your questions was HARRRRRRD. I can't wait to see your responses. Sooo do I apologize for my answer to #4 or do you stop reading my blog?? LMAO

makeba: thanks, keba. Although I can't take all the credit here. Mike (Organized Noise) posed some excellent back in the day Barbara Walters Special questions. LOL

rashad: why thank you sir. And I need to check out Faye's blog to read her 'view.

Chubbs: I interviewed Mike since he requested that I interview him back. Would you like to be interviwed?

Organized Noise said...

It's all good. I'll keep reading, unless I have a good reason not to read anymore. ;-)

MackDiva said...

Ooo...this is cool -- and interesting because I had a thought about something like this. Even though I'm a little scared, I'm going to say it...


You have the addy...