Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I didn't watch the Superbowl on Sunday. Unusual because I usually do, especially with my friends - hot wings and fruity alcohol beverage. Oh yeah and with some circle of my crew too. Anywho, this year I wasn't in a position where watching the Superbowl was an option. I planned on rooting for the Cardinals - well kinda. It was the whole underdog, never won a Super Bowl story on which my decision was based (hey, I'm a sucker for a good story). I wasn't fanatical about my support. I just figured well maybe I'll root for them since it seems everyone is going for the Steelers. All of that changed after I overheard a conversation between 3 strangers.

Blonde dude: Do you even watch the Superbowl?

Blonde chick: Yes, of course. The Cardinals better win it.

Sandy Brown chick and Blonde dude: The Cardinals?! Really?!

Blonde dude: The Steelers have the best defense blah blah blah (I tune everyone out when they start quoting sports facts and figures and blah blah blah)

Blonde chick: Nooooo, the Cardinals have to win. We need this win.

Blonde dude: Ha! That's right, McCain is from Arizona. hahahahaha

And then they notice my ass eavesdropping before I could hear more. But frankly I heard enough before feeling even more sick to my stomach.

Soooooooooooooooo, let me get this straight. A football game where the outcome is based on skill, luck, referee calls, and time on the clock is somehow going to rectify the wrong that is in the phrase "President Obama" in your eyes???!! Like really??? In retelling this story to someone, it was brought to my attention that President Obama is a Steelers fan. Which I guess added fuel to this woman's sense of Cardinal love.

But just so we're clear, is this how it's going to be for the next 8 years?? (yeah, I said 8. I'm claiming it. Well for the Pres anyway. LOL) So everytime there is a black coach versus a white coach, you're going to NOT root for the black coach just because he looks like your Commander in Chief? And everytime a team from Arizona plays a team from Chicago (or any team that is liked by the President), you are going to shun the team that gets some Obama Love? And does this disdain for all things loved by the President extend to other things also? Like food, music, movies, television programming, etc? If so you're gonna be one starving, malnourished physically and intelligently, socially inept creature. I'm just sayin'.

Sorry Cardinals, but I'm glad you lost on Sunday. Not because I wasn't rooting for you. Because your lost made someone out there realize that like it or not: WE'RE HERE. And that is sweeeeet victory to me.


Jazzbrew said...

I'm no better than those folks you mentioned...

I was pulling for the Steelers. Why? Because Arizona voted against Martin Luther King Jr Day as a national holiday. They didn't approve it till the NFL yanked Super Bowl XXVII from them. As far as I'm concerned if they NEVER win a championship it would be just desserts.

This militant moment has been brought to you by Afro Sheen...

MackDiva said...

The word of the day is "WOW!" That's all I can say. Wow. The thought processes of some folks is amazing.

Organized Noise said...

I didn't even look at it like that. I was rooting for the Cardinals because I wanted the underdog to win. It had nothing to do with McCain or the MLK Holiday. Besides, I'm sure most of those players didn't vote for McCain.

Sadly, there are people out there who think like that. It's a shame.