Friday, February 27, 2009

Stuck: The Update

If you read yesterday's blog, then you know I was really really uninspired in the gift arena. Not having a gift for my mother on her birthday would have been oh so wrong. But I have 2 people to thank for kicking my butt into high gift mode and giving my mom a gift that she will enjoy and greatly appreciates. First, I have to thank this guy. He's my Guy Guru's younger bro and he's new to the blog world. While catching up on his blog during lunch yesterday, I came across something he wrote about people questioning his family's decision to only have one child. Now as an only child for most of my life (I was an older sibling 2 weeks out of the year when I went to visit my dad..does that really count?? hahahaha), I am very passionate about people putting in their two cents about the plight of the only child. So I left a comment, talking about all that my mother was able to do for me as a child because there is only one of me. As if we all were on the same page, Chubbsy left a comment yesterday saying I should give my mother an experience - something to do. Hmmm, Guy Guru's brother inadvertently reminded me of all the things my mom has done for me. Then Chubbsy suggested I do something for her.

When my mother opened her card this morning, she found tickets to a Broadway show, and a gift certificate for a manicure at a spa near her job (that way she only has to expose her naked hands to the strangers...hahahaha).

During the course of my mind spinning trying to think of a thing, I was reminded that sometimes the thing we want most of all is the experience of time. Thanks, Jamal and Chubbs.

Gotta to catch my planes to the Deep South (yes I said planes. No damn direct flights. Ugh). I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell upon my return. Smoochies.


rashad said...

Youre dead to me

Chubbs said...

oh yay! great gift...i hope your mom is pleased. xo!