Thursday, February 26, 2009


Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday. It’s also the day I leave for my Dad’s state of residence for his father’s send-off. Do you see my guilt just jumping off the screen??? Not yet. Well how about, I have absolutely no clue what to get her for her birthday. Yeah, nowwwwww you feel it. LOL

Usually, my mother is very simple to shop for. She’ll mention something that she likes. Feigns not knowing where to purchase such item and then I’ll buy it for her. Awwww, thoughtful daughter applause. However, now that she’s been home recuperating, she has gotten acquainted with the nuances of online shopping. She has purchased everything online, including the kitchen sink. No, for real. She’s having her kitchen remodeled and found a better deal online for her kitchen sink and faucet. She’s not a shopaholic (actually, she’s a save-aholic) but she now knows her UPS man by first name.

So now I’m stuck like Republicans looking for a new image. I’ve bought her books, clothes, jewelry, DVDs, DVD player, Cd's, etc. etc. This year I’ve come up with nada. I was thinking about purchasing her a record player that converts her albums to MP3 files for her Sony MP3 player. But not only are they costly, it wouldn’t have gotten here in time for her birthday. I was thinking of getting her a spa package but the idea of being naked while strangers touch you mortifies my mother. Me? Not so much. Hahahahaha

So far, I’m having flowers delivered to her early in the morning. But that’s more so out of the guilt I feel about leaving on her birthday and not being able to take her to dinner on her birthday. At lunch time, I will go out and buy her a beautifully sappy birthday card – the kind she likes. But I feel like I need something else, something tangible. Something she could years later say, “Oh my baby gave me this for my birthday in 2009.” Realistically, my mother will be happy with just the card and the flowers. Unfortunately, that’s not enough for me. Any suggestions???

PS My birthday is in 5 days. If you’re struggling with what to get me, just let know. I have a list. Haahahahahahaha (just jokes...kinda)


Chubbs said...

Perhaps get her an experience rather than a thing--i.e. play tickets, the tried-and-true spa treatment, a yoga class (or cooking class--whatever she'd prefer). Good luck!

rashad said...

Maybe buy her a record player and some of her favorite old records??