Friday, January 16, 2009

Introduction of D. Tone

I just hung up on my godbrother. Notice I didn't say "with', I said "on". And I don't regret it one bit. He needed to speak with Ms. D. Tone because I had nothing more to say and she always has something to add to the convo.

Once my original plans for this weekend were canceled, I figured I might make the trip to the Philly area to spend time with he, his wife, and their daughter (technically, the original plans were my Plan B plans when Plan A was too costly for a trip without a sandy beach and an umbrella'ed drink). My godbrother always complains that I don't spend any time with them. So a last minute trip would have been perfect. And cheap.

I ask him if he had any plans for the weekend. He tells me he doesn't because of a snow storm blowing through the area. I hadn't heard about a snow storm but then again I wasn't looking at the weather in Philly. Hmmm, snow in Philly??? Okay, no problem. (The fact that I, would even contemplate anywhere in snow is a testament to my need to get away for just a moment).

Then the foolishness starts. First its the "don't get married speech" which always puzzles me because ummmmm yeah he has a wife. Then there's the "why you ain't got no man?" spiel. When I tell him about the dudes that I'm dating, he finds fault in everyone of them. "He has about 3 kids that he's not telling you about." "You're not fucking him but somebody else is". "You sure know how to pick a winner, remember _______ and _________. " This of course always leads to the walk down Mistake Mile. And it seems that its only my mistakes that reside there. He reminds me of every bonehead wild child thing I did when I was in college and thereafter. And quite frankly I'm sick of this route. UGH!!! Enough already. I did this some of this shit like 12 years ago. You have nothing more to say.???Or better yet compliment me on the things I've done right, like graduate and dump ______ and ________????

And frankly, today seems to be the day that I'm done with it. Hell no, I'm not going to Philly to hear more of this shit. Hell no, I'm not calling him back until he realizes once and for all I'm done with this brand of foolishness (yes, I punked out and sent him an email detailing WHY he had to speak to Ms. D. Tone). He needs to realize that there's a better me here today. And that I don't call him for a beatdown on my character or the choices I make in life. I call him because I love him and his family and I want him to be a part of my life. I call him because he's like the big brother I've never had and sometimes I need to lean a little on him. I call him to vent and to cry and to plan and to think and to laugh and to love. But all he seems to give in return is ridicule. So, Ms. D. Tone meet my godbrother. Hopefully, you won't be friends for too long.

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