Tuesday, October 28, 2008


to say something out loud puts some truth to it. so I guess I need to face my reality. I'm not going to homecoming this year. I've been planning on going to homecoming for months. But due to circumstances called life, my friends aren't able to attend. I'm not angry. Just disappointed. I haven't seen my roomie and my other friends in years. We speak regularly on the phone (well my roomie and I) but hanging out and reminiscing live and in living color can't be beat. Walking the yard in our Hampton uniform - fitted jeans, cute fitted shirt/tee/sweater, blazer, and hot heels. Running into old flames and crushes and laughing at how intense and urgent our feelings were back then. Catching up with former classmates and dormmates. Seeing how grown up we really are (or aren't...hahahahah). Cheering at the game - rocking the blue and white; shakin', shakin' SHAKE DEEES (you have to have to be a Hampton alum in order to appreciate this...hahahaha). I wanna see the half-time show and hear what songs by the Temptations or the O'Jays that the band will play (again have to be a Hampton Alum to get that joke too...basically, they never play current music during half-time at homecoming - only music that the old heads can reminisce to; LOL). I wanna go to the parties. Get all dressed up, so my haters can hate and the admirers can........well admire. LOL

Sure I could roll solo as I'm sure I'll run into old friends and acquaintances but that's too much of a high risk investment. And the cost would fall squarely on my shoulders. No fun in that.

I wanna stomp my feet and throw a grown up size temper tantrum. I might even through myself on the floor and roll around until I get my way like "some" kids do. Its not fair! Its not fair!! I wanna go! Did I mention that Baskin Robbins will be there? While he's not my sole reason for wanting to go, it's definitely an added perk. I haven't seen him in a couple of months (no I didn't write about it) but it would be nice to at least see him and chat it up face to face.

I'm going in the corner to sulk now (some more).


rashad said...

I feel you buddy..but there will be more homecomings, more Eric Roberson concerts..and more baller ass parties. And yes i am lying.

makeba said...

Aww...poor child. Stop your sulking and suck it up. Sorry Boo, I wish I could have gone with you. I surely need to make a trip since its been 10 years since I've been there...ooh wait, we's getting old! You might as well get into the Hampton spirit and rock you some blue and white for the weekend and shake dees all over the place.

£ said...

thats the one thing about PWI homecomings. they don't have quite the same flavor of HBCUs. I was always jealous of that.

meanwhile lemme go read up on this baskin robbins fellow, im intrigued.

Janelle said...

Rashad: thank you for caring enough to lie to me. That was mighty black of you my brother. hahahahhaaa

Keba: I don wanna suck it up (said in the whiniest 5 year old voice I can muster). And ummm if I start shakin DEES all over Harlem, I might be in trouble. hahahahahaa

Lex: I went to a PWI homecoming once and thanked the LORD my momma let me go to Hampton (mind you Hampton's homecomings never get as 'live' as some other HBCUs. We're too bourgie for that! hahahahah).And Baskin Robbins is quite an intriguing person. Maybe I'll write more about him when I figure him out. hahahaha