Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Power of the ___________

I just received an email from one of my fave stores, The Gap. I am admittedly a Gap ho but more on the explanation of my gap ho-ness at another time.

In the spirit of the spirited election season The Gap has launched a "What Will You Vote For?" campaign.

Show us what you're voting for
Gap is giving you the chance to stand up
for your beliefs. Get a customizable "Vote for ______" T-Shirt online
now and in stores on October 23 while supplies last. "

Here's the T-shirt:

(well that's the women's version; for men's click here.)

The tee is so simplistic but the ___________ is so powerful. I pondered what I would write in that space when I received my t-shirt (notice I said when, not if. I'm seerious about my gap ho-ness. hahahahahaha)

This was the heading for the email they sent. And for the most part, I couldn't agree more. Actually, I keep reading it over and over and thinking "damn, did I write this?!" But if I had to customize my own it would probably read something like this:

Vote for Truth. Conquering Your Fears Long Weekends Short Workweeks Creativity Growth Communication Wisdom Happy Hour (yeah I stole it...hahahahahaha) Shoes Stability Love Building Foundations Creating Opportunities Expanding Your Horizons Deep Laugh Lines Peace of Mind, Body & Soul Great Sex (yeah I said it...isn't that in the Constitution?? hahahaha) Stepping out of your Comfort Zone Finding Beauty in All Discovery Bliss Joy Your Future Ice Cream The Road Less Traveled Tolerance Beating the Odds

So what will you vote for????

SIDEBAR: I just remembered I have a shirt from the 2004 election from French Connection United Kingdom. It reads "F.C.UK. YOU, I'M VOTING" I fcuking love that t-shirt. hahahahahahhahaha


rashad said...

I'm voting for 8 zeros in my bank account and season tickets to all sporting events.

£ said...

i'm voting for more shutty.

with more shutty there'll be less talky and with less talky there'll be fewer misunderstandings and with reduced misunderstandings we can effectively eliminate war, famine, corner boy hollers and plagiarism. or um...something like that.

makeba said...

I'm voting for peace of mind.

Eric said...

I'm voting for stronger trumpet chops and more gig opportunities...

Eve said...

I vote for longer maternity leave, a "starter" balance in your bank account, an accessory allowance from work, peaceful journeys, happy people, everlasting love.