Friday, October 10, 2008

That's some bullshit.......

One thing that bothers me to absolutely no end is people who wait to the last minute for shit. Now, the ironical (yes I know that ain't a word) part is that I am a procrastinator at heart and am damn near late for everything (except work when the trains don't fuck up and when I teach - gotta set an example for the youngins. ). So here I am at work today in a empty freaking office (yeah I forgot monday was holiday. ). I say to myself "Self, its a beautiful day. You've finished all your projects this week. As the youngins say, let's bounce!" No sooner do I have this self to self convo a colleague of mine who works out of town and knows that I'm flying solo today sends me a request. DAMNIT. Can we just take a moment to call him a hater??? Go 'head I'll wait. LOL

Now, here's where I fucked up. I have been resisting the Crackberry craze since I took on this position. I now realize that if I'd taken said berry of crack I could have managed the request mobilily (is that a word??). Instead I'm chained to my office watching the bright sunshine wave through my massive windows. Maybe I'll jump down the rabbit hole with the rest of you mofos and take the damn berry of crack.

As I type this rant I hear the words of Hustle screaming in my head "See that's what's wrong with you people. You complaining and you got a job! Mofos paying you and you wanna act all 'I can't believe he has the audacity to ask me to do some work' [said in his version of a bourgie accent]. Get the fuck outta here. Stop yer complainin and go do some damn work." Hustle, if you're reading this did I get it right???!! You know damn well you sound like somebody's pops sometimes. hahahahahahahaha

And while he may be right (don't tell him I said that), and I am thankful for a job in an industry that is actually growing during this economic uncertainty, can't a sistah just get a lil something off her chest and just be a lil indignant at the atrocity of me not being able to go to Banana Republic at 3 in the afternoon????


JazzBrew said...

Resist the Crackberry... I've definitely got a love\hate relationship with mine.

makeba said...

Ugh the crackberry is so addicting!