Monday, October 20, 2008

today is a good day....

I mean it just has to be a good day. I'm probably jinxing myself with this proclamation so early in the day but oh well, that's how I feel. I woke up 5 minutes before my alarm clock rang. I knew EXACTLY what I was wearing today right down to the proper undergarments. Even better, everything I wanted to wear today was actually clean (I hate doing laundry. If I could find a man to not only love my dirty drawers but to wash them too, we are soooo jumping the broom. LOL). I didn't have to move my bed to find a missing sole-mate(I swear I think my shoes wander under there in the middle of the night. LOL). I ran into an old elementary school friend who was taking the same train as I, so I had someone I actually wanted to speak with on the train instead of some creepy slimy old dude making slick creepy slimy old dude comments. As we descended into the train station, I said "please Lord, let that be a ___ train" and voila! said train came roaring through the station. And I got a seat. Crowded, rush hour train on a Monday morning and I, me, the Resident Butterfly got a seat. And I didn't have to push anyone to get it either.

As Old School Chum and I happily discussed the topics du jour we were entertained by the musical shenanigans of a fellow passenger. There was a woman with her mega-headphones perched on top of her slightly askew wig who must have thought she was auditioning for the new reality show "So you think you can dance with the stars and be an idol for love or money while you sell your soul to Bob Johnson". This woman sat in the two-seater on the ___train and proceeded to dance in her seat and move her hands as if she were dj'ing. She continued her musical entertainment by singing out loud "EVERYDAY, I'M HUSTLIN'! EVERYDAY I'M HUSTLIN". And may I add, she even had the deep Rick Ross voice down as she sang the chorus. To add to the shits and giggles entertainment, she segued into 'THROW SOME DEES ON THAT BITCH", hand movements and all. You know the one where you raise your hand over your head and point your index finger down in time with the music. Yeah that one. At 8:40 in the morning. On the ___ train. School Chum and I couldn't stop laughing. At my station, I said my goodbyes and he chuckled as the Music Maestro began her rendition of 'I PUT ON FOR MY CITY/ON ON FOR MY CITY" for the duration of his trip.
The good times kept flowing as I stepped into Starbucks with my coupon for a free cup and was handed another one for a free cup (upon completion of a survey but hey my coffee will be free tomorrow too. Beat that, suckas!!! LOL)

Since I'm probably setting my self up for failure by declaring at 9:35 in the morning that today is a good day, I shant be surprised if this turns into one hell of a shitty day. But for right now, as I replay Ice Cube's "Today was a Good Day" in my mind, all is right in my world for now. Until someones fucks it up. Maybe I'll see music maestro on my way home on the ____ train. I'll probably need a good laugh by then.

In the meantime, this is the funniest.



MackDiva said...

Girl, I had to giggle at your train musician. That's one of the many things I miss about NYC.

As for your upcoming day, it will be wonderful because I will it so! :) Besides, I believe we make the choice to have a good day. Yes, stupid/shitty things could happen, but it's on you how you react.

rashad said...

There's a scene from chris rock's, "I think I love my wife" that plays out exactly the way your train episode does. And good luck on keeping your day great

Eric said...

So of course I want to know if the good feelings continued for the entire day? I hope it did.

LovinMe4Me said...

Lady, if you claim it, it will be a good day!!...PS I have a train musician on my line as well but he chants old skool reggae and does a Shabba Ranks kick

£ said...

im all late, but did the rest of the day turn out well? i hope so. Im living vicariously through you since i haven't had one of those days in a minute.