Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Recap:

OK. Normally, I wouldn't do a recap like this. I would rather have written each day as its own entry. Explored it and my feelings and make it all tidy in a nice bow at the end. However so much has gone on, and its all swarming in my mind that I can't help but release it here. So while it may not be a normal entry, its something, right? But hey, when have I ever been "normal"?? Hahahahahaha

Tuesday 10/23:
Yes I'm starting my WEEKEND RECAP on Tuesday because somehow that's when my weekend started. hahahahahaha
Date with Hustle. I had a meeting for a class that I teach on Saturdays(sure to be a future story in there somewhere) and went to his house afterwards. The plan was to meet up and then go out for dinner. When I arrived he was knocked out!!! All the lights in the apartment were off and he looked like a 5 year old after nap time : lines on his face, rubbing the cold out of his eye. I felt bad. I know he's been working like crazy, 7 days a week, because of a business venture. I offered to cook but upon further inspection I realized that grocery shopping apparently wasn't at the top of his to do list. So for the first time we had a fast food night. Now, I stopped eating fast food months ago. This was a huge sacrifice for me and hopefully my stomach would forgive me later. Since this is a recap, I will leave you with my thoughts: I need a distraction. I realized this while I was giving a Hustle a full body hour long massage. It's not that I don't enjoy doing that for him (I find it to be actually relaxing) but it feels.....ummm its feels "relationship-esque" and that just not going fly at this juncture in my life. I truly meant what I said about love and relationships. So my mission is to meet a distraction: a guy that I can date, call, and most importantly flirt with to keep everything in perspective.

Wednesday, 10/24:
DeeDee and I attended the Shecky's Beauty Night Out. It's an event complete with vendors, freebies, and booze. I got my eyebrows done by a world renowned, Oprah sanctioned eyebrow studio for FREEEE. I got a cute cranberry red clutch purse for FREEEEE. With 4 alcohol sponsors and not a speck of food in the place, I got quite a buzz for FREEEEEEE. Wait, scratch that. I was drunk for FREEEEE. Thank God DeeDee's boo came to pick her up and dropped me off at home because my drunk ass would have been passed out on the train and probably would have gotten groped for FREEEEEE. hahahahaha. In my drunken stupor, I answered a call from one of my best friends from college. I have no idea what I said to him. Hopefully, nothing about my distraction theory.

Thursday 10/25:
My girl, E. invited me to a professional after work mixer at a trendy, sexy lounge in midtown. On my way home to change my purse (yes I said change my purse), a man sitting across from me on the train asked if I was the woman who had gotten pushed on the train platform a couple of weeks ago. I nodded yes. He informed me that Crazy Bitch had been arrested this morning for doing the same thing to young woman with a child. Aww shit, are you kidding me??? I never reported Crazy Bitch, even though Hustle suggested I should. I don't know why I didn't go to the police. I guess I wanted to just push the unfortunate incident out of my mind, chalking it up to a bizarre story here on my blog. The gentleman on the train suggested I go and report the incident now so that the police know that today's incident wasn't a fluke. So I go home, freshen up my makeup (not for the police, for the mixer), change my purse, and file my report at my local precinct. Yes, the police officer I spoke to was cute but too short for a distraction.
Over cocktails at the mixer (after last night I was keeping it very seltzer with lime light. hahahahaha), I discuss with E. my need for a distraction. While expounding on my theory I couldn't help but notice a very sexy man sitting across the room. He wasn't pretty boy cute but there was something about the way he sat alone in the midst of the crowd that was irresistibly sexy. Broad shoulders, impeccably dressed, and yes a killer smile. E. sends the bar manager over to tell him that I was interested. While I was initially mortified, I was slightly intrigued to see how this would play out. Since this is a recap, long story short, he joined us at the table and I had an amazing evening. He is older than I expected (but no where near collecting Social Security) and he doesn't live here but comes here almost weekly for business (and for this reason I will call him Frequent Flier). He made me laugh and I didn't think of Hustle or anyone else for at least a couple of hours. I must admit E.'s bold move may have introduced me to a bona fide distraction. We'll see how this plays out.

Friday, 10/25:
Pretty uneventful. Got an email from Spalding which left me in a very contemplative mood. Talk about a distraction. Let me clarify. To me, he is more than a distraction but his email is distracting.

Saturday, 10/26:
I missed Frequent Flier's call!!! All because I was being a good Samaritan. I'd spoken to him earlier in the day, and he said he would call later on in the evening. I had plans to meet up with E. for a night of karaoke. On my way to meet E. at the karaoke spot, a small group of tourists stops me and asks me for directions (no surprise there!). After I point them in the right direction, I take my phone out to call E. and I see I have a missed call and a voicemail alert. I looked at the unfamiliar area code and knew exactly who called. I tried to call him back, and my efforts were unsuccessful. Well, at least I tried. I left him a voicemail, and proceeded to sing my heart out at karaoke. "No Scrubs" by TLC proved to be a big hit with the crowd at the bar.

Sunday, 10/26:
I met up with my Brunch Crew. Well not the whole crew because 2 members of the Brunch crew had other obligations. I have Sunday Brunch at a restaurant/bar/lounge with a group of friends. We laugh, talk, catch up on each other's lives, gossip and laugh some more over unlimited mimosas. Oh and the food is good too. This is a ritual we started about a year ago as a way to connect with each other and just let it all hang out. We've gotten cool with the staff there. We stay as long as we want. We eat delicious foods that aren't on the menu. I always look forward to Brunch with my girls.
I walk in and my girls are already there. (Of course I was a few minutes late...hahahaha). Not even 5 minutes after I arrive, in walks manchild. They say the Village of Harlem is small, so I guess it was inevitable that I would run into him. While he waited for a table, he looked over at our table, and I looked through him as if he didn't exist. Later, he made an attempt to speak to my friends and I. I pretty sure he felt the Artic chill (and I'm not referring to the sudden change in temperature outside. I am sooo not ready for winter). I don't even understand why he thought he would get anything else. Did he really think my friends would greet him with big hugs and smiles as if they actually miss him?? Did he really think I wanted to hold a friendly conversation with him as if we are old childhood buddies??? Normally, I am kind and cordial to an ex. However, because of the depth of his dirt and the lies that are still being revealed to me, I really don't see the need to fake the funk at this point. I have nothing kind or cordial to say. Brunch continued as usual with the laughter, the gossip, the life updates and more laughter. Besides the minor speed bump, brunch with friends was a great distraction.

That's my weekend recap. Hopefully, this week will play out like an actual week and not feel like one long ass weekend. Weekends are filled with nothing but distractions.

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rashad said...

Negro, this is a week in review, not no damn weekend recap. I wish you luck in your efforts to find a distraction..just be sure you really want to abandon that comfort you have right now