Monday, July 30, 2007

Okay so when I sat down to write the previous post this was supposed to be a part of it but when I started to flow, it just didn't fit. However, I really wanted to blog about this so I'm posting 2 in one day. Don't faint. Pigs ain't flying. As far as I know, hell hasn't frozen over (I know someone I can ask though, if you're curious. LOL). It's just one of those days. (hey remember that song by Monica??? Yeah I took it back. LOL)

They say that "art imitates life"(SIDEBAR: who's "they"??? I'm curious?? LOL). I have never paid much attention to that statement until recently. The idea for my book came to me about 5 years ago. Without going into too much detail ( I do want you to buy the book, ummmkaaaay???? LOL), the main character unexpectedly hears from someone from her past. So you know where I am going with this right? LOL A couple of weeks ago, when I was still very much in the trenches of the bullshit detailed ad nauseum in previous blogs, I get a email telling me that I have a message from Spalding on MySpace (let's call him Spalding for the purpose of this blog) . I see this email and I think to myself, " I only know one Spalding. But nah it can't be." I immediately log into MySpace, thinking the name must be a coincidence and this is actually someone trying to get me to listen to their music on their page. I opened the message and just reading the first 5 words I knew it was him. Here's the background story. Spalding is a guy I dated in high school. I haven't seen or heard from him in about 10 years. Before, during, and after the manchild chronicles, he has been that one guy I think about from time to time. The one that makes me wonder how my life would be different if things between us had been different. The only one who still owns a piece of my heart. A friend of mine referred to him as my standard - the one guy I measure all others against. I thought about that and it is indeed true. Spalding is my barometer as to whether a guy has passed or failed in my life. So sitting there reading that email, I couldn't help but realize that when I finally got serious about my book despite the madness going on in my life (or maybe because of the chaos???? hmmm, something to think about), here he is, just tiptoeing back into my life in almost the same way it happens in my book.

Since that initial email, I have spoken to him a few times on the phone. The first time we spoke, I couldn't believe he was on the other end of my cell phone. His voice initially was not what I remembered. But then I heard it. That certain swagger he has in the way he puts words together. His half laugh, half chuckle. It was there, probably never left. We speak as if an entire decade hasn't passed. We've caught up on family and friends. We've laughed over long repressed (but not forgotten) adolescent memories. He's read my blogs and we've discussed the manchild chronicles, and he completely gets me, without me having to explain the whos, whats and whys. I'm amazed that after all this time has passed and after the detours our life journeys have taken us, we still inexplicably understand each other.

While I know where the story is going in my book (thus far), I have no idea how Spalding and I will play out in the pages of my life. I don't know how long we will remain in contact. Hell, it may be another decade before we speak again. (I hope not.) But if the feeling I have now is any indication of where my story is going, this is going to be one hell of a read.

Now maybe I should write a book about how I won the lottery and see what happens. LOL


rashad said...

Could this dude be the prototype? could he knock you off that fence regarding love? Do you know that these questions aren't rhetorical?

Evelyn said...

Hmmm....Love it! Life has a way, right? It's amazing what happens when you say something.
When i was too cheap to have HBO and Showtime @ the same time (back when I had Carrie fever and Soul Food was on), I would go to Nake's house to watch Soul Food for free, and I would tell her how I wanted a Lem in my life.
A while later, I linked up with my baby daddy, who is so much like Lem it's crazy. Short, dark, NOT GAY - I said the CHARACTER...LMAO!, etc.
Now I wish Io woukd have asked for some other shit, but you get the picture. The Gods and Goddesses may not always give you what you want, but you will get what you need everytime.
People fall in your lap when you need them.

Maria said...

When one door closes...I find it so intriguing that after that whole mishagosh with the "man child" that all these other men started wandering into your life. Yet another example of the proof that it'll eventually be alright!