Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I was all prepared to write about the VH1 Hip Honors Award rerun that I watched last night. But this morning, I got a phone call that I just had to share. The phone rings and my talking Caller ID identifies the caller. Of course it distorts the name so I run to look at the Caller Id. If it says "out of area", "unavailable" or the number begins with an area code that isn't familiar to me, I curse myself for running to the damn phone in the first place, then return to my morning regimen. This morning it was a 212 area code but I didn't recognize the name. I decided to answer in case it was a friend/family member calling from someone else's phone because of an emergency (I know I always think the worst...hahahahaha). I answer the phone and an older gentleman identifies himself as being part of some acronym organization I had never heard of. Now I could have hung up right there, but I didn't. Don't know why I didn't because I usually cut them off with a firm "No thank you. Goodbye". Since the gentleman didn't get this from me this morning, he continued with his spiel. He went on to tell me that his organization was working for the eradication of the "N-word" from our vocabulary. Now I think that's a tall feat so I was kinda intrigued by what he had to say. For about a minute he tells me the mission of his organization. I reply with an "okaaaaaaaayyy??????" like I'm not sure what you want from me but I'm sure its coming. He then hits me with "We're selling these tote bags to raise awareness of our cause." Tote bags??? To eradicate the N-word??? That's the best you can come up with??? Nigga please. hahahhahahhahahahah. I politely said "No thank you. Goodbye.", hung up the phone. You didn't really think I said "Nigga please" to the gentleman on the phone?????!

Seriously, I applaud the effort of the cause no matter how futile I think it will be. You can eradicate a disease but a word that is well documented, written in books, poems, songs, etc., ??? A word that is so embedded in daily vernacular, some use it more frequently than "the"??? How is that possible? And somehow a cotton tote bag is going to help further the mission??? Give me a break! I should have asked the gentleman on the phone EXACTLY what was written on the tote bag. I can't imagine what could possibly be written on a freaking tote bag that would stop the world in its tracks from using the "N-word"? Can you imagine a group walking down the street laughing joking "nigga" this and "nigga"that, see a fine ass woman such as myself (yeah I'm feeling myself today...hahahaha) carrying this tote bag, and while checking me out, they happen upon the message on my bag. An epiphany hits and they INSTANTLY stop using the word and pledge to remove it from their vocabulary. We don't live in a 30 minute sitcom where life's problems are solved in 22 minutes. I have no answer to reduce the use of this word. I think its a personal decision to want to stop using it. But it will continue to exist. And its going to take more than a tote bag to rid it from our vocabulary. That's for damn sure.

I just have one question about the Hip Hop Honors Awards. Is Phife from A Tribe Called Quest sick??? I didn't recognize his emaciated frame or his hoarse, breathy voice. Tribe is one of my favorites and it just made me sad to see him in that condition. Damn we getting old. No scratch that, y'all are getting old. I am well preserved!!! hahahahahahaa


rashad said...

The N word is going to be a personal decision for each person, and no tote bag crusade can alter that..perhaps they should switch to buckets o' chicken.

and phife has diabetes, and the medication causes him to lose weight

Makeba said...

Wow your writing skills have really improved since the days of St. Charles! Ha, joke, just kidding..... Your blogs are rather interesting actually.