Thursday, October 18, 2007

I got the blues.
The why are you asking me dumb shit blues.
The why don't people listen when I say LEAVE ME ALONE blues.
The I don't give a fuck blues.
The you're speaking to my voicemail because I don't feel like speaking to you blues.
The why do you insist on stalking me blues.
The how insensitive can he be blues.
The I hate my job but I can't walk away (again) blues.
The I need a change of scenery blues.
The I thought you were my friend but now I see otherwise blues.
The all I need is a bottle of wine and a body massage blues.
The when does tomorrow begin because I'm through with today blues.
The all of my clothes are falling off of me and its a pain in the ass to buy new shit blues.
The I need silence and my remote control blues.
The I'm tired of writing this chapter blues.
The my main character is starting to irritate the shit out of me blues.
The everyone is irritating me blues.
The life is a Sade song blues.
The this ain't what I thought life would be blues.
The when will I snap out of this shit cause this is depressing blues.

I hope I snap out of this shit QUICK because blue is so not my mother fucking color.

1 comment:

rashad said...

At least you don't have the number 12-on-the-new-Jill-Scott-cd blues...