Friday, October 05, 2007

I am so pissed right now, I could smack somebody. I just finished a blog entry. It was great. It was about my night with Hustle and our conversation this morning, past relationships and our responsibilty in their failures. It was deep. So deep I shocked myself at how honest I was being. No sugarcoating. No bullshit. A true examination of me and my flaws. I was editing it, just typed a few words to clarify a sentence. I hit something on Hustle's laptop and its gone!!! Just as I tried to retrieve it, this lovely blogpage does its autosave and it saves a blankk fucking page. It's not in my draft section. It is gone. I want to cry right now. Where the hell did it go??? Oh man I want to yell and scream and have a temper tantrum right here on the carpeted living room floor, arms and legs flailing and everything. Where's the humanity??? I don't even have time to type it again. Just as I was sorting out my feelings and gaining the clarity I so often come here for, my words disappear. Man, this hurts. I don't have shit else to say.


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rashad said...

Reason #45905 why people drink before noon. Don't worry Janelle, you'l come up with something even more dazzling next time.