Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pinky strikes again......

..without wearing a stitch of pink. Well at least not any I care to see. (please don't force that image in my brain. i just may throw up a little in my mouth. hahahaha).

I came in to the office today with a totally different blog all mapped out in my head. Until Pinky stood up to greet me. I was stunned to say the least. I couldn't even get through all the pleasantries ("how was your thanksgiving? blah blah blah) without asking:

"(Pinky), what is that on your pants?"

Chuckle. "They're reindeer. Don't you like them?"

"Ummm, that's an ummm interesting look." (trying to fight back the tears that the laughter I can't let go of is forcing behind my beautiful browns. )

"It's Christmas. I wait all year to wear these."

"We have 22 days until Christmas, (Pinky). "

"Yes, but it's the seeeason."

"I can't wait to see your holiday ummm flair."
"You have such good taste, Janelle."
Riiiiight!!! I just know how not to insult a very wealthy man this close to Christmas. LOL

Okay to paint a complete picture of this holiday tangnastiness. Pinky is wearing a very lovely kinda mossy green sweater with a tan button up shirt underneath. Nice right? Uh huh. Scan down and find a pair of chocolate brown corduroy pants with miniature reindeer stitched all over the pants. ALL OVER. Similar to these pants from J. Crew's critter collection:

I'm at a lost for words.........

All I want to know is WHY????????????


rashad said...

This dude needs his ass way in the world he's straight

Jazzbrew said...

LMAO @ Rashad. At this point that is the only logical action and conclusion. Pink pants almost seem normal by comparison.

Jazzbrew said...

...oh and Janelle you get mad points for being able to locate a sample of those pants. You must be a Google master. What search words did you use? Bama? Tacky? LOL.

Janelle said...

Rashad: okay he may need his ass beat BUT I've caught him a few times checkin out my bootay like a straight man would - leaning back in chair and everything. hahahahaha (damn I should have written a blog about that. Oh well)

Jazz: which is worst pink pants or the reindeer slacks??? Maybe pink pants WITH reindeers is the ultimate.

oh and thanks for the cool points. The minute I saw the pants I knew where I could find a similar picture. I am a certified shopaholic. I pour over catalogs and magazines like you do over sheet music (i'm assuming). So during my fashion perusal, I came across these and wondered "who the hell would wear this??" Looks like I got my answer. hahahahahha

Chubbs said...

LOL at both Rashad and Jazz.

I'm gonna have to go with...he's gay. I tried--I really tried when you wrote about his affinity for pink, but now, I'm pretty sure there's no way in 10 hells he's straight--and it looks like he's even fully out of the closet. I actually don't hate the idea of reindeer pants tho. While it's not my thing, I could see it being fun--for either a toddler, your weird uncle, or a gay guy--to wear them once a year.

Miss BB is... said...

The fact that he extended the word and said "seeeeeason" makes me believe he has not yet realized the homosexual within.

keisha said...

All I can say is "DAMN"

I agree with everything said previously, the extent of his gayness is YET to be realized. I hope you are TRULY prepared for anything duing this holiday season (you know how he said it, put that here) and beyond when you go to work...