Monday, December 08, 2008

What I know for sure

Oprah has a column (I think) entitled "What I know for sure" in her magazine. Its about life and the bountiful lessons this journey provides. These are the lessons I've learned the hard way recently:

*Nothing in life should be expected except taxes and death. Everything else should be appreciated.

*History is not a good enough reason to go hard for anyone or anything.

*When shit starts off badly, that's usually how it ends.

*If it ain't sincere, it ain't right.

*Negative feelings seem to create road blocks and obstacles at every juncture.

*Once your heart's not in it, it's no longer fun.

*Appreciate the things your loved ones do for you like they ate ramen noodles for a month to make you happy.

*Sometimes that glimmer of hope will bite you in the ass and you're left telling yourself "I told you so."

*Snow is pretty until it's dirty. Then it's a pain in the ass. Both real and fake snow. And life too.

*People love the cake when you don't tell them you got it from Costco's.

I know this post seems reeediculously random. But these are the lessons I learned. Unfortunately the hard way. But at least I know them now. And I know for sure.

PS Thanks Eve for the talk! Smoochies ;)
PPS Some of the lessons were paraphrased from a g-chat with Eve. Give credit where credit is due. Another lesson learned. ;)


rashad said...

Snow is always pretty my friend..the dirtier it is, more work I miss..

Seems like a baby shower post is forthcoming..hahaha

Janelle said...

I need to work where YOU work!!! Make that happen PRONTO!!! hahahahaa

No baby shower post is forthcoming....I've learned my lessons hence the post!

Miss BB is... said...

You can tell me the cake is from Costco...their joints are BANGIN!!

Janelle said...

Miss BB: that cake was quite tasty! had I known you liked it I would have saved you a piece. ;)

Sab D said...

The cake from Costco line is hilarious!

Eve said...

Awww...thanks for the credit! *sniff*
I'd like to thank the academy of shitty baby daddies for teaching me the lessons I so lovingly passed on... Next, I'm going to Disneyworld, cause now that I know a few things for sure, I'm a winna, baybee!

Eve said...

And Costco sheet cake is the BOMB!

Janelle said...

Sab D: welcome homie!! And that line is hilarious and oh so true!!! hahahahaa

Eve: you crack me up. "academy of shitty baby daddies" - priceless!!! hahahahahahahahaha

BTW, you are so right about the cake. LOL