Monday, November 10, 2008

My mind's playing tricks on me.....

Granted the Ghetto Boys used to scare the bejesus outta me back in the day (well really, just Bushwick Bill but I digress). But I swear my mind is having some fun at my expense so that's why this song is stuck in my head.

Late Friday night, I get a call from Baskin Robbins. I was already in that I've turned over twice and damn this sleep is starting to feel reeeeaaaal good kind of sleep when my cell phone rang. I answered on the third ring (1st ring to wake my ass up, 2nd ring to clear the sleep out of my voice, 3rd ring sit up in bed and answer with a "hey there").

"Are you sleeping?"
"ummm, no. "
"Yes you are."

And thus began our late night conversation. I was tired as hell but I didn't want the conversation to end. I enjoy our talks and I wasn't gonna let a little something like rest get in the way.
Maybe I should have let my mind and my body get the rest they needed. I awoke hours later, and couldn't for the life of me remember the conversation past the "what did you do this evening?" stage. Oh shit, how long was I on the phone? And more importantly, what the hell did I say??? Did I reveal any CIA worthy secrets like the time when my best friends and I................... or that time when I was on vacation and I...................................(I'm conscious now, damnit! hahahahaha)??? As I tried to piece together the remnants of the conversation, all I remember was Baskin Robbins saying he was come to NY this weekend. I remember him telling me when he would leave the state he's in now and when he would leave NY. As I replayed the conversation in my mind the only thing that doesn't make sense is the mention of Greyhound. I could have sworn he said something about Greyhound having a special fare for $19.99. But Baskin Robbin drives; why would he mention Greyhound??? Maybe I was dreaming. Or maybe the conversation about his NY visit was real but Greyhound was a fig newton of my imagination (SIDEBAR: I have a tendency to sleep with the TV on and some of the craziest shit infiltrates my dreams; does that happen to anyone else?? LOL)???

After convincing myself that he was indeed making the trek to NY, I called him on Saturday afternoon.

"So what time will you be arriving?
Don't huh me. hahahhaha"
"hahahhaaa. I don't know what you're talking about."
"Okay, silly. Is it true that you're coming to NY this weekend??"
"Stop playin'!"
"hahahahaha. Nope, I'm not coming up this weekend. Lemme call you back. hahahahaha"

Dagnabbit. What kind of jedi mind tricks is my mind playing on me??? If I could have slapped myself upside the head, I would have but I had a cute hat on with just the right tilt to the side. A slap to the head would have thrown the whole steelo off. hahahahaa

Now I just hope Baskin Robbins doesn't think I'm pralines and cream nuts for fabricating his road trip. Sigh. We'll see..........

ps I thought about posting the Ghetto Boyz video but I couldn't get past Bushwick Bill running around with one eye. He gives me the Willies (sidebar: what the hellllll are "the willies?"). If you want to watch it, click here. While looking for this video, I found this one. Man, you gotta love Youtube. hahahahahhahaha


rashad said...

If I was a Geto Boy member and I saw this video, I would be ready to go medieval on someone....

Also, if I watched this without volume, I wonder if I could read their lips

Jazzbrew said...

I haven't even read this post yet but after seeing the title I've been humming that damn song... sitting in meetings... Awww man homey... my minds playing tricks on me... Thanks.

makeba said...

Hahahaha! The willies I have not heard that in ages.

LovinMe4Me said...

LMAO...Twice...having people at my job looking at me like I'm nuts...That video was funny as all, whooo I needed that

£ said...

*DEAD* at the video

OMG i am laughing so hard. lololol

i'm mad that elmo smacked barbie. LOL