Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ya........

Yesterday was my 2 year blogiversary. I've come along way, baby! (who remembers that Virginia Slims advertisement???)I can't believe its been 2 years. Funny how times flies when you're having....growth. There are very few opportunities in life where one can actually measure and quantify your growth over an extended period of time. But this blog is proof of my growth. When I started, I was in a dark place. I was uncertain and unhappy with many facets of my life. And while life will ALWAYS have uncertainties, I am soooo much happier. I don't think I have ever been happier with who I am (maybe when I was 4, but my world consisted of riding around in my grandfathers sky blue Caddy with white leather interior like a princess - legs crossed in the back seat, Barbie dolls and lollipops. Who wouldn't be happy with that???? LOL). I'm not perfect but I love me just the same. And this blog, this page helped me to see that. I started off with just one reader. Thank you, Rashad, for reading every damn thing on this page and not using it against me. I even have some new blogfriends who read and comment regularly. Thank you sooo much for investing in my wonderings (and not using it against me....hahahahaa)
My blogfriend, Lex, said it best:

There is nothing more rewarding (hyperbole abounds. there are quite a few things more rewarding) than haphazardly piecing a few of my raggedy and sometimes ghettoe(with an e because i'm fancy) thoughts together, hitting publish, and coming back a few hours or days later to find that somebody( or bodies), decided that the subject was interesting enough for them to take the time and not only read it, but leave some feedback! Its teh awesome! I really appreciate it. I don't think I've ever said it before and that's remiss of me.

I've often said "pouring words onto paper is passion personified" (yes I came up with it and if you use it, give me some credit damnit! hahahahahaha). I never knew I had this much passion for ANYTHING. I've always had a zest for life but this writing experience has opened up a whole new world for me. A world full of new ideas, new perspectives, new energy, new strength, new possibilities.

I've navigated this space on my terms and conditions. Expressed myself unabridged and unadulterated (well that's not necessarily true because I edit and filter daily to protect the innocent and the stupid; but its at a level I feel comfortable with...on most days anyway.). I make no apologies for who I am or what I say. Cue Frank Sinatra, I did it myyyyyyyy waaaaay! LOL

So what does one do to celebrate a blogiversary??? And like wedding anniversaries are there particular gifts to be had for this occasion?? According to this site, second anniversary gifts are cotton (traditional) and china (modern). How about I just buy a cotton sweater made in China from the Gap?? Will that do??? LOL

I just wanted to thank my family, friends, fans and stans. I would probably still write if you weren't here but I appreciate you nonetheless. Thanks for stopping by my refuge! :)


rashad said...

Here's to many more blog annivesaries..when you start getting paid to write, please remember when I held you down as the only one who commented. that's worth millions son

Chubbs said...

congrats! Bloggin' is like free therapy, isn't it?

LovinMe4Me said...

Congrads....I'm pretty new to your blog page but it's been great. Keep it up...And Pinky (I'm still rollin about that one)

Janelle said...

Rashad: and by millions we ain't talking money, right?! Okay, just checkin'! hahahahahhaa

Chubbs: You hit it right on the nail. Free Therapy at its finest. Thanks for the congrats.

Lovingme4me: welcome to world. Well at least my blog world. hahahahaa
Pinky is overseas for the week. Thank the Lord. I hope they don't stone his tangy ass for wearing all that pink. hahahahhaa

Eb the Celeb said...

Happy belated bloggiversary!

£ said...

aww i got a shout out!

Happy bloggiversary janelle! Wow, two years. The thing i like about your blog is that you have a perfect balance of humor and seriousness. Neither comes off being forced, and it makes reading your musings enjoyable. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

Janelle said...

Eb the Celeb: Thanks for the wishes belated or not! LOL

Lex: awwww thanks girl!!! Cue Sally Fields; "they like me! they really really like me!!!" hahahahaha