Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I know its been a minute. 9 days to be exact. And I left you hanging - high and dry (where the hell does this expression come from??? is it high as in unreachable high or I just smoked some serious weed high? and what does dry have to do with high??? hahahahaha). But its all with good reason. I've been busy. And tired. Actually I'm exhausted right now but since a new reader put me on blast (thanks, Kelli...hahahahaha) I knew I had no choice but to write a post.

I've been busy with a new position. It's exciting. It's demanding, and is definitely taking me out of my cushy ushy comfort zone. I'm still a little skeptical. I've never seen so many happy people in one place. I'm wondering if there is "happy juice" in the water cooler or if they are all eating the "special brownies". I'm not quite ready yet to write about it. Not sure if I will. Who the hell wants to read about work anyway?? But if yes IF I ever decide "yesss, I love my job", I just may have to write a blog. But until then I'm avoiding the water cooler and any brownies being passed around. hahahahahahaa

So if I know anything about my legions of readers, fans and stalkers, I know some may be wondering what happened after I posted the last blog. Well here's a mini-update on what's been going on with me.

Tuesday, April 1. April Fool's Day. First day in new position. Could that be a sign?? I definitely wondered if I was a fool for jumping into this new role. But anywho, I posted this picture on my crackspace page in honor of the auspicious holiday. It definitely got a laugh or 2.

And no people, its not real. You know how I feel about relationships and commitment, and that right there is a definite commitment. For now, I'll leave that kind of commitment to my best friend. More on that topic later. Later as in the next time I blog. And don't ask when, damnit, just keep checking the page...hahahahahahaa

Friday, April 4. Tired as helll. I mean really really really tired. Like sooo tired tears stream down your face when you yawn tired. But somehow I had enough energy to meet Jo for drinks while she killed time before a date. And somehow my tipsy tongue committed me to making chicken soup for a sick friend. What the hell was I thinking??? Damn those frozen apple martinis!

Saturday. Jumped out of bed at 6:30 in the morning. Turned the shower on before I sat on the porcelain throne to tinkle. And as I sat there on my throne with elbow propped on my knee and my eyes still closed, I realized it was Saturday and not FRIDAY. Damnit. Usually, the realization will hit me while I'm still in bed so I can just roll over and return to the land of la-la (land of my deep beautiful sleep people, not the mtv chick who got knocked up by Carmelo Anthony....hahahahaha). But never do I make it all the way to the bathroom without knowing what day it is. That was a whole 2 minutes of sleep that I lost. I ran back to my bedroom to recapture those 2 minutes. Got up later to buy the ingredients needed for the soup. I couldn't back sober self had to cash the check my drunk ass wrote the night before. And I must say my chicken soup came out pretty darn good. Just as my drunk ass said it would!! hahahahahaha

Sunday. Spent the day with Hustle. We went to church. Don't get all sappy on me, people, and read too much into this. We thought the mayor was going to speak at a megachurch so we went to see what he had to say. Either we picked the wrong megachurch or the wrong showtime at the right megachurch, because Mayor Bloomberg wasn't there. Thankfully, the sermon wasn't too intense so the lady sitting next to me didn't fall out (on me) with all of her hand waving and occasional joyful noise unto the Lord. HALLELUJAH!!!

At some point during the day, we talked about his questionnaire. He couldn't believe I actually posted it. Of course I replied with "Ummmmmm, didn't you dare me to post it?" Unfortunately, during the course of the day, I violated a few of the questions. And no, I'm not revealing which ones. Too embarrassing. Even for me. All you need to know is that I was shocked and mortified. And for the record it had nothing to do with farting....hahahahahahahaa

So that's what's been going on. Welllll, at least the highlights (or lowlights, depending on what we're talking about...hhahahaha). I know I have to do a better job of balancing my work life and my creative outlet. Just give me a minute to adjust to life in the Land of Happy Juice, and I'll be back on track.


rashad said...

High and dry comes from people who avoid floods. And if you have to keep giving disclaimers about your time Hustle, you KNOW you wrong...

makeba said...

Hahahahaaa! I love Rashad's comment about the disclaimer! LMAO