Thursday, January 24, 2008

In surfing the Internet this evening in an attempt to get back to normal, I came across this particular picture. If you don't recognize the man with his head bowed down, that, my friends, is the President of the United States, George W. Bush. While I don't know who the little girl is, I recognize her look very well. This, my friends, is what we like to call "the side eye". And, if I may add, this is the funniest example of the side eye. EVER. How many of us have watched our "leader" on television, listened to and processed the shit that was coming out of his mouth and instantly gave the TV the side eye?? And this little one was able to do it in person, in living color!!! Raise your hand if you're jealous, right now!!!! hahahahaa

There are many variations to the side eye. Some may smirk their lips to the side for emphasis. Others just cut their eyes to the side. But, the side eye says so much without saying a word. It lends itself to numerous interpretations.
"You want me to do WHAT??!!"
"Negro/Bitch, please"
"Don't even THINK about it."
"I don't believe you; you need more people"
"Yeah, right. Do I look stupid to you??"
"You better back up off me!"
"WHY are you in my face?? And WHAT do you want from me??" (my interpretation of the little girl's version...hahahahahaa)
I think this little one needs to be given a Cabinet position immediately for the remainder of his presidency. Her official title will be the Side Eye Czar. Whenever Bush, Cheney, Condi or anyone else for that matter has any ideas for the direction of this country, it needs to pass her desk. They need to stand before her desk, present their idea, and wait for the "look". If they don't get the "look", they may proceed with their idea. If they get the side eye, Secret Service comes in to berate and humiliate them until they cry out for their mothers. Okay, I know I must be losing it. Maybe its the lack of sleep but I think you get my point.

This girl has inspired me to give people the look of disbelief more often. Its so much more effective than cursing people out. Family, friends, Hustle, dates. No one will be immune to the wrath of my side eye. I am perfecting my variations as we speak (well technically as I write...hahahahahaa)for the off chance I have a moment with Dubya, I will have the perfect tilt of my head, squinted eyes, and smirk for what I will call the Presidential Side Eye, it will be the Grand Dame of side eyes. And I do believe, even he can't be that dense not to understand the diatribe and rant conveyed with a simple look.

Yeah I really need to get some sleep. hahahahahahahaaa


rashad said...

It reminds of the look one of Halle Berry's students gave Eddie Murphy in "Boomerang" after he criticized her art.

makeba said...

Hahahaha! Hilarious! BTW thanks for creating the subscription it works for non gmail users. Yippie!

Eve said...

LMAOOO!!!!!! OOOOH!!!!

everyone is getting this look - the butcher, token clerk, my son, baby's the limit!
so multifunctional, so useful to have in your "b*tch pleas" arsenal!

*eve runs off to practice her look as well*