Monday, January 21, 2008

In honor of today being the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King and his legacy, I'm posting this old school video. While it brings a smile to my face because it reminds me of days of Gazelle glasses and begging my mother for a pair of Lotto or LA Gear sneakers (who remembers those??? hahahaha), it makes me sad that you don't see people coming together for a project like this anymore. Did Dr. King's dream die in the 80's to make way for us to "super man that hoe"? Have we put aside our collective dreams to make sure that we're "getting minez"??? Who is keeping the "dream" real - Dr. King or Condi Rice???

Enjoy the video. Smile as you see the various artists before drugs introduced some of them to another dream. See if you can still sing along. Wonder what happened to all that optimism and the belief in a man's dream.


rashad said...

These things go in cycles 3 years, you'll see people unite in Dr. King's name once again. Be patient

makeba said...

I loved and still do like hearing this song and still know the words! After how many years later! Hopefully, this type of unification will come again soon because we need it in the worst way.