Sunday, January 06, 2008

December 10, 2006. One year, 26 days ago. The day of my last hit. Just like a junkie, I remember everything about that last high. Propped up on my sofa, inhaling my drug of choice, paralyzed by my drug taking over my senses. I had known for some time it would be my last fix. Well at least for awhile. So I tried to savor it, prolong it as much as I could. I was hooked until the very last possible second. And then it was over. And I have been in withdrawal ever since. Until tonight. The addict in me has been been fed. The Wire is back!

Trying to detox over the past 391 days hasn't been easy. I would see bunches of kids and wonder "Street kids? Corner kids?". In every bunch I saw a Dukie. I've given every campaigning politician the side eye whenever I hear their campaign promises (okay so that's not a direct result of the Wire). I've said SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT so much that I thought my friends were going to start calling me Clay Davis, and now that's the only way we know how to say it. Snoop is no longer just a rapper. I no longer look at abandoned buildings the same.

Sure I've gotten hooked on other shows during the past 9,384 hours. Thanks to Hustle, I'm currently going through withdrawal waiting for new seasons of Weeds and Californication. But they seem like "gateway drugs" to the ultimate high that the Wire provides. There is no other high quite like it.

So I watched the episode tonight with baited breath. I turned my ringer off so I would not have to curse anyone out for disrupting my hit. I had soooo many questions. None of which were answered in this first episode. But I know it will be rationed out piece by piece. A good dealer knows how to keep you coming back for more. After midnight, next week's episode will be available on HBO on Demand. I am fighting the urge to get my fix early. I'm itching to turn the channel, press play, and get a double hit. But if Bubbles can remain clean for one entire episode, even after walking through his old stomping grounds, I can hold off watching next week's episode until Sunday, like the good junkie that I am. But damn do I miss Bubble's Depo already. hahahahahahaha

When the series finale airs on March 10, I will most likely be found wandering the streets like this. And just like her, I don't want to go to rehab. I said no, no, no.


rashad said...

Very cleverly written Ms. butterfly. And the way you feel about the Wire is the way I feel about sports, so now you see why I am so damn crazy..and hooked. But the question is..will you suck a dick for it? that's the TRUE that i continue to fail by the way

keba said...

I myself was a little disappointed in the first episode, but as I know with every season it doesn't get juicey until about midway into the season, but Lord knows I want them to give it to me from the start since this is it!