Monday, April 25, 2011

You Don't Have to Call.....

Thursday night, I went out after work. Usually, my schedule has me dead to the wall tired by the end of the day but I avowed I was going out before I left the house that morning. Take a break from these Mother's Day card orders I'm working on any chance I get. I also felt like I needed an emotional hiatus, leave feelings behind for a few hours and just have fun.

First, I met up with a friend at a local restaurant for happy hour. We sat down at the bar and immediately recognized the bartender as a semi-famous personality from reality TV (lonnnnng before reality TV became this fake reality many of us get sucked into week after week; she's from an era when it was "real"). Through conversation for the duration of the evening, she confirmed her identity and we immediately answered simultaneously "Oh yeah, we know!" causing all three of us to laugh out loud literally. She's cool as shit and makes a mean cocktail so naturally we stayed longer than either of us intended. Good times indeed. And like Arnold, "I'll be back!" (corny I know but its the truth damn it!! lol)

After happy hours (yes, hours), I happily tipsily dashed home, changed clothes (cue Jay), freshened my makeup, and hit the streets in less than 20 minutes (my personal best). I headed downtown to meet another friend who was already partying at a popular after work spot. By the time I arrived and walked through the heavy curtains, the ties were a little loose, the cocktails were flowing, party was in full swing.

As I searched the room for my friends, a guy approached me. The first of 3 for the night. No need for blog names for any of them because I seriously doubt I will hear from any of them. Yes, I gave each of them my contact info. They each were attractive and witty and in my book that will at least get you a coffee date. One by one throughout the night, I was approached quite differently but the message was the same: "I neeeeeed to get to know you better." While their approaches were different, one factor was the same with each and every one of them. After the formalities - "what's your name?", "where do you live?"; "are you married?" - each guy in his own vernacular uttered "Here's my number. Call me so we can get together. "

Huh? What???!!!

Soooo let me get this straight. YOU approached ME, spent all of 5 maybe 20 minutes chatting with me, and I'm supposed to chase after you by calling so YOU can take ME out on a date?????? Am I missing something here???

In my dating life, in all of the years I've been dating (if I stop to count now, I'll really be depressed so lets just say I've been dating for a while), I've NAYVER made the first call. EVER. So why on this night did 3 different dudes, who (from what I can tell) did not know each other, expect me to call them first? Is this some new phenomenon on the dating scene?? Dude number 2 actually looked stunned, like I threw the drink he just paid for in his face, when I responded, "Well here's my number. If you'd like to see me again, you'll call." The last dude was semi passive aggressive in his approach by asking for my phone and proceeding to call my his number from my phone. Then he tells me "Save my number in case you decide to call me or so you know who's calling you. " Say what now???

It's not like I haven't been dating in the past 4 years but I must admit my attention to dating has been lazy during this time. And it seems while my attention to details has gotten lazy, dudes have gotten lazy in their attention to courting as well. But now that it seems the tide has changed, do I - clutch the pearls - buck what I know in my heart is right and call these clowns or do I wait, patiently wait, for the right man to be man enough to cut the crap and dial my lovely 10 digits?

For now, I think I'll bank on patience. Sigh.....
In the meantime, I'll dance.


rashad said...

Seriously? That's some lazy shit. That's almost as bad as dudes who think a first date should be movie and pizza at home

Janelle said...

I knew my Guy Guru would agree with me. hahahahaha

And I'd expect these lazy no calling dudes to want movie, pizza, and "dessert" at their place as well. Not. Gonna. Happen.