Friday, April 15, 2011

Rude Distraction

Sooooooooo remember that grumpy geezer I spoke of in my last post?? The one flashing his pearly dentures my way after I put him in his place? Well, here's a snippet of an email he sent to me today:

Keep it simple stupid

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Say what now??!!!

Okay, I guess I need to explain. During my training class one of the exercises involved sending an email to my work account. Obviously, I couldn't check it while I'm in the midst of a training class. I waited until I parked my behind and my chic but not quite practical tote bag full of training materials on the train on the way to training site number 2 before I read my emails(sidebar: that sentence has a lot of train in it....feels trainy. LOL). I decided to read everyone's emails before I responded to them. And there it was. My first job related insult on this job. On day 2, week 1.

To say I was floored is like saying the Trumpster won't ever be president of the US. No need to state the obvious. And yes, this is coming from one of "the blacks". But I digress. I re-read the email with my jaw firmly planted on the floorboard of the 4 train. As I passed Yankee Stadium, a fly ball could have landed right in my mouth. Pause. Major pause. What the deuce was I supposed to say to the grumpy geezer? Luckily, my stop was next because I wanted to tell him:

I'll keep it really simple when I knock those dentures out your mouth. Don't ever disrespect me. Oh, and polydent these nuts, beeeyotch!

Or something like that. Yeah right...hahahahahahaa. Quite frankly in my recent emotional state, I'm kinda shocked I didn't. How dare this man insult me when I'm helping his ass?? And via email?? Leave a note on my desk. Scribble it across the white board. Make it the screensaver on my computer. Spray paint it on my tote bag. But send an email from your email address that I have on record?! Smart. Reallllllllllly smart.

Once I got to my second training site, I sat down to one of the computers in my classroom. Still fuming but laughing. On my walk to the center, I started laughing. Out loud. The ridiculousity of it all was quite amusing. Here was this old ass man behaving like a wayward 5 year old. Didn't I tell you adults are children with bigger clothes and bank accounts? I'm pretty sure laughing while I walked down the street in the middle of the day may have looked odd. Wait, what am I talking about? I was in the Bronx. I blended right in.

I decided to be the grown up in the situation. And yes, I kept it simple. I forwarded the email to my boss and asked what our policy was in dealing with such offensive behavior in our training class. I can't wait to see what the outcome will be. Whether he stays or whether he gets the boot, I'm prepared either way.

You know....Maybe I should thank the grumpy geezer. After all, this has been a nice, albeit brief, distraction from other....stuff. How do you thank someone for being rude and quite frankly stupid but who made you laugh in spite of it all??

Hmmmm, I think I saw a coupon for Polydent in Sunday's paper.


rashad said...

Get that man a Polident coupon...
Fly ball in your mouth huh? That's how you roll son?

Janelle said...

truth be told. I have no clue what a fly ball is. Be glad that I didn't call it a field goal or some ish like that. hahahahahaha