Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Why doesn't life come with a GPS navigation system?

Even if that little voice is annoying as hell, it still guides you in the right direction. It tells how where to go, how to get there, and how long it will take. Perrrrrrrrfect.

When you make a wrong turn, instead of shouting at you "I said TURN RIGHT, asshole." the little voice pauses and says "recalculating" and, within seconds, puts you right back on track (rather smugly I might add but still). (Sidebar: Wouldn't it be funny if that little voice really did berate you just a little for making a wrong turn?!)

There are periods in my life where I desperately wish I could just type in my destination, then sit back and enjoy the ride. Let the GPS worry about traffic and roadblocks and obstacles. This is one of those times.

Business for Mother's Day was beyond incredible. I far exceeded my order projections and made a nice little piece of change in the process. But the stress? Oy vey, the stress seemed insurmountable. I lived, breathed, slept (barely) card orders. I found glitter in places that if I were in a relationship, I would have to explain how it got there without a wad of cash in my purse. Simply put, it consumed my life. And quite frankly, I'm not used to ANYTHING consuming every facet of my life. Granted, it was just the distraction I needed but I digress.

So is chasing a dream supposed to consume you? What about your other dreams? Where do they go in the meantime? Will every little step I take from here on out have to be consulted with this new business venture? I've always prided myself with the innate ability to compartmentalize everything in my life. Relationships and emotions go here, work goes here, family goes here, the family I can't stand they go wayyyyy over there. Nicely folded and neatly organized, very rarely crossing barriers (why can't this system work for my closet though? LOL). But lately, it seems that my system is failing me. I panic a little and wonder if stepping out on my own is really the best idea for me.

With a GPS system, I can ask for directions to Happy Lane at the intersection of Success Avenue and Love Boulevard, and happily sit back to enjoy the ride. Without the panic, without the fear, without the uncertainty, and definitely without the obstacles. Sure, tell me to enjoy the journey bumps and all. Blah, blah, blah. Can't a butterfly just arrive at a peaceful place unscathed just once in my life?

No? Really??? Okay, fine. Back on my grind. Destination: Learn the lessons on the journey because it's the lessons that make the reward that much sweeter in the end. I get it. I get it. Now make a right, asshole. I have places to go.

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