Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A client came into the office for a meeting yesterday. She's a older woman, has to be in her late seventies. But she's always spunky whenever she comes to the office. As she removed her coat, I noticed she was wearing a gold name chain. Very Carrie-Sex in the City-esque with the name written in script on a delicate rope chain, but yes Grandma was rocking it well and very sophisticated I may add. That in and of it self made me giggle. She asked if I had anything to read while she waited. I offered the newspaper, and my Marie Claire magazine. She turned down the newspaper ("Who wants to read about war all the time? Too depressing"), and reached for the magazine. While I definitely had work to do, she chatted me up like we were old friends. She sat with her legs crossed and flipped through the magazine. She saw I had a page turned back on a coat I want to purchase. She informed me that the coat would look "stunning" on me, and that I should hurry up and purchase it. All I could do is giggle and thank her. Here was this woman who I would normally never interact with (she's wealthy and white; I'm broke and black....hahahahahaha), chatting me up as she passed the time, waiting for her husband to arrive and the meeting to begin. I never got the impression from her that she was trying to be young and hip. It just seemed she is innately young at heart. She gives off this vibrant youthful vibe that doesn't seem forced or contrived. She is who she is, no matter what her birth certificate says. Can I be her when I grow old?? Well, except for the white part. hahahahaha

Her husband arrives about a half hour later. With his grey suit, big round eyeglasses, and comb over, he looks like he stepped straight out of the 1970s. The minute this man saw his wife, he literally got excited, like he hadn't seen her in years. He greeted her with a "Hey, Darling." and swooped her into an very sweet embrace. After she sat down, they compared notes on what they each did that day since they left the house that morning. He turns to me, and "says thank you for keeping my doll company." I wanted to burst into tears right then and there. Not because I'm sad but because that was the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed. She flips through my magazine and shows him the coat I plan on buying. "Darling, won't this look stunning on her?" "Hubba! Hubba! You're husband won't be able to keep his hands off of you" he says. "Because of a coat?" I reply. (didn't even want to get into the whole no husband thing...hahahahaha). He gives me a piece of advice: "Janelle, dear. It could be a potato sack. You will always be stunning to him. Just keep that twinkle in your eye" What the helllllll??? Did I just step into a Audrey Hepburn or Dorris Day movie from the sixties??? Is this man's real name Cary Grant??? Do they still make men like this??? It was obvious this man adored his wife. From the way, he held her hand while walking into the office and the way he bent down to kiss her when he realized he hadn't kissed her all day. Hands down, this couple gets the Couple of a Lifetime Award. It wasn't sugary sweet, or overwhelming. It was like a small piece of chocolate after dinner, just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, without putting you into a diabetic coma. After over 50 years of marriage, they couldn't keep there hands off each other, and they still had that twinkle in their eye. I guess I wish that this was a glimpse into my future with my un-named hubby. I know for sure I will definitely be spunky, probably rocking my name chain and my Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Need the sunglasses to protect that twinkle in my eye. hahahahahahaha

Yesterday was the born day of this here blog. Today is the anniversary of my first real blog. Thank you for all the encouragement and sharing all of my laughs, my joys, my highs, my lows. Keep reading, and I'll keep writing. Smooches.


rashad said...

I just get an award for my continuous comments. and that older couple you saw still doesn't restore your faith in love?

Around The Way Girl said...

something is wrong with me. i really teared up here. anyways, i love spunky old ladies and i will use ole girl as inspiration for future flyness and keeping my sparkle bright...lol.

Anonymous said...

After all your Suday afternoon margis at the Heights and yapping about your blog, I've finally made it to the site! And then I realized there was so much to read! Sigh.