Friday, September 28, 2007

Sorry for the back to back work related posts but this just strikes me as odd.

There is a woman who works on my floor. I see her all the time - by the elevator, the ladies room, at the salad place around the corner from the building. Every time I see her, she is always friendly. Always waves, always smiles. But I always say to myself " I know her from somewhere". I've thought this for a few months but could never quite place where I know her from. I ran through the list. High school?? No. College?? Hell No. Neighborhood??? Nahhhh. I couldn't place it until this week.

She looks like Ugly Betty. No, she doesn't look like the actress, America Ferrera. She looks like Ugly Betty, the character on the show. The day the realization came to me, she wore an emerald green mu-mu, shapeless dress, with royal blue ballet flats. "Betty" even had an emerald green ribbon tied in her long, dull jet black hair, the kind of thin ribbon you might take off a gift box. She was waiting for the elevator at the elevator bank, talking on her cell phone, and carrying a stack of folders. She pressed the "DOWN" button again and waves in my direction. I wave back with the brief pressed smile. "Betty" hangs up her phone and tried to throw it in her bag. Somehow, she drops all these damn folders and papers are all over the place. I bend down to help her pick them up. Just as I am handing them back to her, she reaches up to push up her glasses in the middle and that's when it hit me. "Oh shit! Ugly Betty works on my floor!!!" The next day I see her and she has on another "fashion interpretation": a rust shapeless tunic over a shapeless straight black skirt, knee high socks, plaid ballet flats, and you guessed it, a rust headband. She waves. I wave back as I head into the ladies' room.

Now this is odd. I wonder if she always looked like a character on one of my favorite TV shows, or does she somehow "feel" like an Ugly Betty in her world and has adopted the style and personality of her favorite character??

Yes we all idolize someone on TV. I love when my friends call me the Black Carrie (from Sex and the City. Not the pig blood freak from that scary movie). Just need her wardrobe budget. And the (paying) writing gig. And Big. Wait, I may have that part. Who knows??? I'm just as confused about relationships as she was. hahahahahaha. When I go out with my girls and we are dressed up, what do I say? "I gots my freakum dress on" and somehow embody Beyonce-esque moves (minus the falling down the steps. oh wait, that happened to me once at a club. hahahahahaha). We all have a celebrity or two that we identify with. One that we secretly wish we could be. But damn, Ugly Betty???

I really want to talk to "Betty". I want to know if this is truly "her" or if wants to be this character on TV. We don't work together so I can't strike up a Thursday morning conversation like, "Hey girl! Did you see Ugly Betty last night??? Can you believe what Wilomena is up to now??" Since that's not going to happen, she is my very own Ugly Betty. But if she's Betty, who the hell am I????


rashad said...

I think I idolize Larry David..i admire his bank account, and his knack for pissing folks off in an unassuming fashion

Anonymous said...

LOL... That was hilarious we have a little of everyone in us.. Somedays I don't know who I am or what name I should have. We have to keep them guessing so for now lets be who we want for the season and change it up as it goes..signing out..Ahbaya Akuti (Fearless Princess)

Anonymous said...

Omg if it was ugly betty pleas ring me i love her! xxxxxx